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She always wears they're saying here's the thing if a person has an ego which this person could very well have a big ego because that's why they have these high expectations and that's why they're so driven because they just the if they have that kind of ego that's the person that you can't help because they just look at team and say those guys should be hard workers those guys aren't working as hard as me they're not as focused as i am yeah they don't care as much as i do so to everyone else on the team has a problem but but i'm perfect and you can't you you know look out driven i am looking out focused i am look at how high my expectations are of myself but if if you see here's another thing if your team cannot relate to your expectations like they don't even they don't even see him as realistic or achievable or anything we'll see what good are you expect yeah well good are they they're only good no good they don't make any sense that's true jaakko i've been watching some youtube links with great interests must be a subscriber to the youtube channel videos i'm sure you're extremely busy but have question which if you have time i would greatly appreciate your play i've taken light opening very much so can incorporate that approach i've been i've taken up bj jj to recently in london in the uk so.

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