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Boston, Tom Glasgow, USA discussed on Noon Report with Rick Van Cise


Komo news special athletes in oregon still coming to terms with the fact that their annual state games have been cancelled his brian calvert it's something they worked all year for part of his life elizabeth mcclure's brother walker museum special olympics sizes assembling to see no so your your brother sister succeed in but athletes across the state were stunned when this announcement was made on the special olympics oregon facebook page are two thousand eighteen states games competitions and our efforts on the local and school based program the organization says there's just not enough money he was pretty disappointed and you know you know a bit because they're spending the whole season prepping for this while the exact financial details aren't known the oregon games may be taking a back seat to the usa games which will be held in seattle in a couple of weeks a local spokesperson for the usa games told me they won't comment on oregon other than to say they are expecting forty four oregon athletes to be part of the usa game starting july first brian calvert komo news komo news time twelve forty an update on komo sports now starting with the mariners here's tom glasgow gorgeous day in new york for baseball it'll be even better if they can rally they are trailing the four to three top of the eighth inning the mariners with a runner on first two outs ben gamla at the plate and m's hoping to avoid being swept in this threegame series before they make their way onto boston kyle seager with a two run home run in this game for the mariners right now in the world cup in russia one of the pretournament i wanna know if argentina would be considered a favourite but certainly a team that you would assume would get into the knockout stage of the event with a player like lionel messi but they are trailing croatia to nil in the eightieth minute so croatia may be on its way to the next stage of the.

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Boston, Tom Glasgow, USA discussed on Noon Report with Rick Van Cise

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