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My love their my blog by go informatics and be willing to pay one hundred and twenty five grand cash upfront for domain is shift in mindset for me and how. I think about Domains HYPHEN ABOUT MARK. Clean about Doesn't scope investment etc? What did she do with her business? This is Karen Clarke Frederick. She she ran a team training leadership training business to did she. Close it up once you sold it to you so I think that I can tell you a little bit more about the stars so even with the cash offer. She wants them a hundred percent sure that she wanted to sell it and she mostly wants to know that it was going into good hand. Pushy shared a personal story. Where she that? Hey I added twenty years. She's the only person before I ever with obeyed. Seem DOT COM. She had massive difference in it. She was a pioneer in the industry. And a lot of really interesting things. A lot of Companies Son and was successful with it. I didn't ask about all the details. I got the perspective best. She's kind of nearing retirement. Or maybe hasn't been on a transition phase out and what in in a way to pass on that legacy not necessarily true actor business it could be sold. But at least kind of the brand name that she had helped and grown and builds up over the years It was a really touching from her and why it initially sent out. That coy like hi. We do this thing which accepts a little bit of money for it. I wrote a really personal back I was worried with doing so. I thought Hey I'm gonNA throw away all of my negotiation power hour like like we just this company. We don't have enough money. I WANNA give you medicine. Can you know this is how I grew up? This is what we're working on what we're trying to build. I was worried that she might see the go like. Oh this guy would pay like five hundred thousand dollars last name which I don. I didn't have we don't have limbs have been able to pay for it Instead she really good way she said you know. Thank you so much for sharing this like I feel a lot more comfortable in who you are knowing what you're gonNA do with it. Let's make it happen and His grace great domain worth the price. I thought the very first thing that you put up on on it was what was the how to work remotely program right. Maybe that's the first one that I happen to see as I was hunting through the site. It's the first one we put on the front page just because I was trying to get anything about virtual remote work on the front page and then create a virtual team building page. I wanted to make sure that At least with With our virtual team doesn't page wouldn't be competing at the homepage of the content when them school I'm less worried about that now. But that's why I don't work molding all right and so I see now on the site online office games tiny campfire verse coffee. You send people to tea and the the picture that they sent him to Kinda unique peas. Maybe a Turmeric Team. Maybe a avocado leaky as well as copies. Mushroom off the Some I don't remember the name copies talking together on a zoom call. And you do you give them a piece of paper that I see on the on the web page right now on team building dot com so that they could actually put it down like a flight the way that they would bar a paper that goes with it. So Art of savvy about these very. It was a little bit of smoking mirrors so that picture is from a trip that I had tasty that I did have some unique coffee last year and we had representing the fanatics. Because everything on your side is so frigging polished but on that one. I see there's like spilled tea on Obamacare so if you look carefully actually zoom in a little bit ideas online storytelling and how to work remotely. Which one of those did did the best? The two that are the most successful right now are online office in some tiny campfire Online office game so I think partly just because the first one on the list people and we end up having that conversation tiny campfires can be capturing the heart of the by today should the world very charming about by right. I like this thing thousand thing. For my child we went to family or with Fantasy sat around the campfire new sheriff stories from Just very strong metaphor for what people need right now An interesting shift in additional suggest going virtual for team building is the reasons why people are doing it and the benefits that they need to get from so When a company takes people to the museum or one about other bands though the Guacamole nation competition. It's like hey this is the Great Baucau I. It's like hey this is gonna be on thing. We're going to get people together. We're going to get some fun pictures with the team. Hopefully they'll tell the credit for that as well. They know what a cool company we are. A lot of reasons most with global shifts remote work so many people are working from home for the first time. And if they haven't yet they're going to stop it but it can be really really might if you're not intentional talking to other people in other people if you don't get to go to the office from say hi in the morning and have lunch with colleagues than something missing so I can't fire online office. Game are not just the way for people to have time together. It's the way they counter that kind of psychological toll of what it takes to work from home and reliable amble time. What about this? Don't I'm on zoom all day I? My wife is on zoom even more so we've got kid obligations the kids. Now have zoomed through for school. We're talking about a five year old and a three year old three year old can put up with the five old has to suffer through it. Isn't it a lot to ask team to get back on zoom and do another meeting except this one is not directly productive when they've got so much else going on in their lives? Nba Right every company. Every team out there every event has things going on. We heard some really nice feedback about the event. There was a couple of days ago where I ended at one of the guests afterwards. Like thank you so much that made me for just a few minutes. Forget everything that was going on in the world. So it's not another meeting about their business finances or what they're GONNA do next with marketing or how they're going like restructured a team or how long. Kobe it's GonNa last. It's let's get together and may be people time and do something cool all right. I get that the reason that I think that that I could relate to it was I. I saw a friend do a double date on zoom. This was Brian Harris. I saw Brian. That seems kind of lame. I wanted to spend time with my wife on the couch at the end of the day and then I thought about and I said I'm going to surprise you. I'm GONNA set up something for us for Saturday night and I invited not just one couple by the two couples. They loved it. We were done. I said we're just GONNA have wine with you guys and give you space to go like live. Your lives couples. I didn't realize it. They stayed on till midnight. The other two couples talking it was that great and we followed up the following week and it is nice to just have a conversation with people where you don't have to care that much where you don't have to be on and they're just kind of there while you're doing something else aren't I get that. And then the advantage then of having you lead it is. It's not this accord. Everyone staring at each other trying to figure out what to say. There's a professional who knows how to lead things and keep things interesting working. There are focus or so damn good staff that are running them. Now are the same people who run the museum tours that we have tens of thousands of guests year for That run the guacamole making competition to do other stuff that we've done at other parts of the year many of them are they're not full-time tour. Guide FAIR PROFESSIONAL STAND UP. Comedian that the country their performance musicians the people and they just connect with audiences. So wow and read. Little little cues and engage people so part of that part of it is that they're great at it another part. Is it somebody different right? It's not the HR manager. The events planner that the separate meeting. It's hey we brought in somebody else and I just feel like it feels yeah. Pf feels like especial fan. Feels like you're doing something. Different people could go to the museum without people could certainly rather guacamole competition at Christmas. Gingerbread words gingerbread house making competition a lot of fun they do stuff like Dombi apocalypse Gingerbread houses or dinosaur attack or something like that. They're very very cool. You could run those without us but it feels good to bring in an outside company and also for the event organizer of pavement at two and interactive peers. Instead of the person doing. So you don't have to as the boss lead. You can just be a part of the of the fun with them. I want them to know about why you're the Canary Islands. Still is it safe there And then how businesses doing like if you're willing to share some dollars and cents. I'd love to know that and then also you talked a little bit about the. Some people are freaking out before we started. You said some people freaking out and there's emotional stuff going on and I think the tactics might help them get past it. WanNa come back and ask you about that too. We I tell people that my second sponsored you know do you know. Click funnels the second sponsor you do. Click funnels did is. They said your site kind of stinks. Because it's a brochure. What you need is a funnel. Which is people come in? And they have the first step in the second step in the third step and let's be honest. We need steps that will let people who we are because they're not going to buy necessarily right away and steps that lead to a sale and the fact that they were always focused on. How do we tell people who we are and get to sail meant that? They started building software to make that really easy and Michael. A lot of people signed up for Click funnels in the past and then just held onto the account do much orthogonal signing up and then what the founder Russell Brunson told me was in March as people were forced to stay home as sadly many people were laid off as suddenly people had time on their hands and anxiety. A large number of them started going to click funnels actually setting up their funnels or setting up an account for the first time playing with it seeing what they could do and actually got themselves up in business. I interviewed him about his business with doing well. And that's the big takeaway that I got the. I'm feeling crushed by having people around me so much but at the same time not getting the freedom to go out and see people in person wishes. It's painful for me. We're all feeling some of this but there are some people who are saying despite this. I'm going to get up and do something creative. I'm going to let myself have this artistic experience this entrepreneurial experience and see where it goes and see where it leads. And frankly me doing. These interviews is part of me saying. I'm not just going to sit back and deal with my frustration. How can I channel? This is something useful and frankly for me. It's useful to hear people do well. I come back after an interview feeling refreshed feeling like others possibility. What else could I be do? What else should I be adjusting and I get more productive? So if you're out there listening to me and you haven't taken that first step to feeling and to taking active feeling better taking action is going to get you there and I think the best way to get started right now is to go to click funnels dot com slash mixture G. When you do they're gonNa let you use their software for free for two weeks. Here's what you're GONNA do great landing pages and say okay. This actually looks good now. I urge you to stop their play around with their other tools. Even if you just get rid of that landing page get rid of this funnel. I urge you to play with the tool. That lets you slide over and collect a credit card and experiment with what you would charge for and then experiment with what the next step is. Michael Alexis helped me with years. Ago was our mutual friend. Noah Kagan said Andrew. We're trying to create something. Sal I said yeah it goes well. What's the big complaint? He said. Well a lot of people in my interviews. But they don't know what to do at the end of it. He goes okay great. Why don't you just create something that helps them? They take action afterwards. That's I don't know what you create what the easiest thing you can do it. I said I don't know he and I somehow I think came up with the idea of take transcript and turn it into an.

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