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And what happens next will they try and bring up the plane. Well, the accident Investigation Branch, which is a sort of body that oversees air accidents has said not no they said they tried to bring the plane up. It's sitting about sixty five meters below the surface on the seabed. They said the weather this week made that too difficult, and they said, no, they have suspended code of their operation. And as I say, the body of the pilot Davidson has not been found John Donaldson, the investigative website Belen cut claims that a third Russian man linked to the March twenty eight hundred number truck poisonings in Salisbury. Maybe linked to another attack claims Sergei delta could also have been in Bulgaria the time of a poisoning. There are security correspondent, Gordon Carreira reports the man who used the name Sergei Fedotov was a dentist fide in reports. Last years having come to Britain at the same time is the two suspects alleged to have been involved in the Soulsby poisoning the investigative site. Belen cat now. Says it believes Fedotov was a false name used by Russian military intelligence officer as with the other two Belen cat says he traveled to Bulgaria in April two thousand fifteen in that case as with his travel after the salt pre poisoning in March last year, he failed to take a flight. He was booked Tom and Jerry the Bulgarian visit. It's claim that the businessman a get breath involved in the defense industry was hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning. He likes Sergei script out survived Moscow has consistently denied any involvement in the poisonings in Seoul spree. The metropolitan police say they're continuing to pursue a number of lines of inquiry, including identifying any other suspects who may have been involved in carrying out or planning the attack. Gordon, chimera the American filmmaker. Woody Allen has launched legal action against Amazon studios accusing it of breaching their contract, refusing to distribute his latest film, the film director is seeking almost seventy million dollars in damages. According to a lawsuit filed on. Thursday, New York. Woody Allen claims Amazon backed out of the deal because of an old accusation that he molested his adopted daughter or correspondent Peter Bowes told me more about the allegations. They go back to one thousand nine hundred ninety two the allegation was from Dylan Farrow Faro's daughter that in August of that year. She was taken into a small attic in her mother's country house in Connecticut by Woody Allen and sexually assaulted Mr. Allen has always vehemently denied the allegations. He's never been charged child welfare officials investigated the claim when it was first made they concluded that no molestation had ever taken place to the thorough has repeated her alligators as recently as last year and Woody Allen again persists with his strong denial. So these are well known historic allegations. Then what prompted Amazon to drop Woody Allen last year. Well, Dylan Farrow's claims started to attract new attention really in two thousand seventeen when the metoo movement. Emerged. There was considerable attention on Amazon studios harassment claims were made against it's studio. Head ROY price who resigned from his job. He denied the claims against him in his lawsuit. Woody Allen says the studio executives had expressed concern about negative, publicity and reputational harm that it faced because of those harassment claims and its ties to Harvey Weinstein who also accused of sexual harass harassment. We should say he denies allegations of nonconsensual sex all this was happening. Woody Allen said he agreed to delay. The release of a rainy day in New York only to have Amerson studios canceled their contract with them all together. And according to the lawsuit. He was told by Amazon that renewed allegations against him, and the increasing refusal of top talent to work or be associated with him supported the decision of the studio to back out. Peter Bowes in Los Angeles. A team of British and German scientists have debunked. Well, no myth about mixing drinks setting out to challenge. Whether the age old saying beer before wine. You'll feel fine is true. The researchers gathered a large sample of willing participants are health correspondent, Catherine burns reports. According to the adage, you're less likely to get a hangover if you drink beer before wine rather than the other way round so to test it researches talk, white wine. Laga and nine hundred volunteers. One grape drank two and a half pints and followed them up with four large glasses of wine and other did the same in the opposite. Order and the final group didn't mix their drinks several vomited the next morning, they were given a score on a so-called acute hangover scale ways takes into account symptoms, including dizziness headache increased heart rate, and I a week later. They were asked to do it all again, but in the opposite order the conclusion published in the American journal of clinical nutrition was if you drink that much the order doesn't matter a hangover is inevitable. Indeed, Catherine burns a reminder now of our main news in Thailand, king's old elder sister is to run against the former crew leader for the post of prime minister in next month's elections, Amazon's chief executive Jeff Bezos has accused the owner of the US National Enquirer. David pecker of trying to blackmail him over an affair and body. Brought ashore for playing crushing the Indus channel has been identified as the missing Argentine footballer and really on asylum. You're listening to the newsroom here on the BBC World Service. The diplomatic world appears deeply divided about how best to remove the embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas doodo, some countries want regime change of a dialogue leading to free and fair elections. But everyone understands the political infighting could descend into violence diplomats from European Latin American countries met in Uruguay on Thursday to discuss the deepening crisis and the European Union foreign policy chief for the gut Mogadishu spelt out the us position deputy competitive their shared concern over the situation in Venezuela is what has brought us together here today. We might have different points of view or readings on what caused the crisis, but we share the same objective contribute to a political peaceful and democratic solution solo Mahara, this is not only the most desirable results. But is the only possible result? If we want to avoid more suffering and to chaotic and Dana. Juris process. I asked ourselves America correspondent Katie Watson to highlight the diplomatic options. If you take Donald Trump, he says all options remain on the table. So you've got observers on one end military action as threats on the other. And then of course, you've also got the idea of you having having discussions having negotiations allowing aid in not allowing Aiden. Of course, most importantly is who the country's recognize as the president. So nobody is is United in their approach to house a deal with ending this crisis in Venezuela. And what about this international contact group? That includes the European Union Uruguay and other Latin American countries what have they proposed? They. But at a statement after having a having a meeting in Montevideo saying that they wanted to forge a common international approach. They wanted peaceful resolution on one that is owned by Venezuelans. And they specifically said that it would exclude the use of force nevertheless in this meeting. They did talk about having you free transparent credible presidential elections. They said that they were they wanted to proceed with two aims, really. So establishing those guarantees for credible. Electoral actual process, and enabling the delivery of aid. And on the issue of humanitarian aid. There's this convoy of aid stuck there on the border between Colombia and Venezuela aid that was organized mainly by the opposition in conjunction with the US is the aid itself becoming a weapon in the political standoff. We look at what's happening on the bridge in Google, which is the Colombian border with Venezuela. You got these three shipping containers across this bridge absolutely blocking any aid from coming in. And of course, nNcholas modo has always said that it's a blockade that stopped Venezuela from progressing. So it's a pretty visual symbol, perhaps not the best PR for him. But it's still an incredibly powerful sign of the standoff between one Guido he's trying to push this through and of course, Nicolas Madura. And at the moment the aid hasn't gone through that it's just showing how powerful the opposition has become in its in its insistence. Try get this through. Because of course, it's a country that desperately needs medicine foods, not sorta thing because of the dinosaurs Minnesota or South America correspondent, Katie Watson. Rosemary has some other stories from our news desk, a long term health care facility in the US has announced it will shut down after a severely. Sables patient was raped the crime only came to light after she gave birth officials from hacienda healthcare in Phoenix, Arizona said its board of directors had decided it was simply not sustainable to continue and nurse that the facility eat Nathan Sutherland was arrested in January after investigators linked him to the case through DNA evidence a black. Dress worn by Marilyn Monroe when announcing her divorce from New York Yankees. Joe DiMaggio is going up for auction in the US the black wool. Dress is expected to fetch up to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. When bids opening Beverly Hills next month Monroe and DiMaggio split after nine months of marriage in twenty fourteen. Love letter DiMaggio. Wrote for Marilyn Monroe was sold at auction finale eighty thousand dollars and scientists in the USA of the devised another way to administer injections using a pill. The method involves swallowing a blueberry sized pill, which releases a needle made of compacted insulin as the stomach dissolves a trigger mechanism. Made of sugar the remaining capsule pants then pass through that. I just have system in experiments using pigs the device worked one hundred percent of the time. Thanks, rosemary. It's a mystery that scientists from around the world are trying to solve why tens of thousands of guillemots have been washing up along the Dutch coast, the seabirds are emaciated and scientists are speculating that it could be a combination of bad weather exposure to chemicals or some sort of gut problem, the BBC's Anne Hologhan sent this report from the Dutch island of tussle. Martic Leopold and biologist at the university is leading the investigation on the beach. And this is where poor stop on the section of the beach. Definitely some.

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