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Prager show of this friday to twenty five october two thousand seventeen and we're together on monday as well and dennis is back on tuesday from israel oh my the broadcasts that lie ahead on that trip he's taken with a his his his colleague in our mutual friend mike gallagher that's just gonna be great it i would love in there but there's no way to do it i buy but i i mean i wouldn't badger her about it but i i would love the honest opinions of mrs johnson of of the david johnson's actual wife rather than just having having her thoughts on the cia channeled through a hatemonger like congresswoman frederico wilson i'm thoroughly prepared to believe that maybe mrs johnson is not a trump fan it may be the call struck her you know as is not her favorite thing but i would suggest and my level people especially warwidows but maybe that is through the lens of of some trump derision as well i i i don't know but here's what i do know is another war widowed natasha allencar on the occasion of the death of her husband mark allen car president trump called them called the the family called natasha and shed one of her kids was standing around um running cellphone audio of it and she is released it and said i'm not amount of you'll see this in here this so so let's do some of them it's it's trump on a phone on speaker at a kid on the phone across the room so it may require a little bit of uh of translation for me but here of your house nasa.

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