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I can cook. But if you could sue Chef it for me, that would be really, really good. I'd really prefer the things got better. So there's the The telling of the story of he MP Carol Talking about what the offense should be What the offense should look like. And whether they are a run first team like Pete Carroll believes and running the ball and controlling the clock, which is weird, considering that after Marchand Lynch left It's not like Seattle has had a great running game with their running back. Russ adds to them being a good running team because of some of the things that he's able to do. I imagine it at this point in Russell's career where you're 10 years in and believe it or not. Russia's 33 years old, we were not talking about 28 year old Russell Wilson 33. Because, remember, he had the extra year college gives you transferred. So he was a little bit of an older guy when he got drafted Tom Brady's out here 10 years older. Then Russell Wilson still winning Super Bowls, but they go about it in a very different way winning football games so I can imagine that the rust might enjoy. Well, maybe I just I want to do some of the horizontal running tow open up windows to throw the ball, but not some of the vertical running like Lamar Jackson is out here doing at this point. In my career. Do you have them coming to heads a couple of times in the 2000 and 20 season. Remember the first eight games of the season, Russell Wilson looked like he was going to be the M V P of the league, and then they had that disastrous game against Buffalo. In week eight. And then things kind of spiral downward to them. Not being there in the playoffs, so I mean, it's Them being them being not being the same team that they usually are in the playoffs, So you have them working their way towards an underwhelming season. For the Seahawks. You have them being a team that you just go on, man. What happened to Seattle? They look like the team that might represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, and there's Tom Brady standing there representing the team. In the Super Bowl. How do you get here? How do you get from? Russell Wilson being Russell Wilson being the team guy. And even that is a little bit loaded. Him being the guy that is the forward face of the Seattle Seahawks franchise. Him being the guy that always seems to say the right thing. And by the right thing, I mean nothing. Interviews with Russell Wilson are How can I put this diplomatically? Usually boring. There's a lot of cliches, he says it with a smile. So here's what I'll give you example, the type of interview that Russ is Russia's The interview that as if you're inside a locker room or you're at the rushes at the podium And you're listening to it. At the time you're going all man, This is good stuff. And then you get back to your desk and you listen to the tape. You're like he didn't say a damn thing. There's nothing in here. But we just have to get better. And we're we're doing our best every week to get better. It's funny because I do a pretty good Russell Wilson impersonation mainly because our cadence is very similar. We're also the same height. Don't think that actually adds to the impersonation, but I understand where he's coming from my parents or college professors, too. So We sound a lot of like, I think I have more compelling things to say at least until this past month. Then Russ got really compelling after that, when he went on the Super Bowl tour. Started talking. What fascinates me. About this situation with Russ. He's here's the guy that kind of Hmm. Had done it in an ideal ized way at quarterback. He was winning games. He's an electric player. He's one of the more dynamic players in the NFL. You. You watch him. You watch some of the stuff that he does. He's doing three sixties and packed fields and throwing the ball 40 yards down the field. He's making good decisions until the half way mark of the 2020 season where he started making decisions and we were like what the is going on with Russ. He doesn't put your franchise in a bad spot. He doesn't put your franchise in a bad light. He's very calculating when he's behind the microphone. He He understands how to play the game off, not saying much but seeming accessible. And for the most part throughout his career, he's done enough. He's done enough Tol. Maybe even have some of his teammates go. Are you with us, or you with them, meaning management ownership. I think some of that is subsided. You had a very vocal Loud and talented defense that got the Seahawks to where they were competing for Super Bowls. And then rush was right there to be able to bring at least one home. Then the other one, you know. There's a goal line play, and there's Malcolm Butler and whatever. He has, from a corporate standpoint, if we were talking about a takeover Russ has succeeded in the take over. Over the locker room. Not there the way that Seattle defensive players have publicly or kind of hinting around their feelings from about Russell Wilson. Think can be delicate to discuss. Because I think some of the changes that happened for the defense of players as they kind of fell off like Cam Chancellor and Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman, you could make the argument that he was probably time for those players to move on. You could also make the argument that Russ was going to eat up all the money. So those guys on the defensive side we're not going to be able to get theirs. But if you're looking at the Seahawks locker room as a corporate entity, you could see how Russ came in and took it over. And he became his.

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