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I hope will come to I'm done with I wish that the me some it's you know who's looking for love it's seven minutes and it's just sweet and that will be stuck in your head all day sorry song feels like it rings a bell so this originally so it's on Disney plus now you go watch which is really cool this came out in twenty fourteen which means it was a short before what Pixar movie I remember because there are a lot of time do these little shorts before a Pixar movie which which you know of course pick picks are their their features they went towards their shorts win awards as well they're always really well done but that's songs ringing a bell so I wonder if I have seen this before but gosh even that twenty seconds there gives me like the good feels like a lava so give okay awesome plus this is like for for my attention span and I know that don and I both struggle with movies over two hours we think there should be a mandate just come down only agree I my masters in screenwriting they said if you think that you are so Eric ends that you need to write a movie over eight minutes you better prove it send that to Scorsese I mean we love yeah not a seven minute seven minutes seven minutes you got that and you see if I can do that on Iraq don't confessions I just want to say that real quick coming up at eleven thirty yeah what's her a confession question fill in the blank to make this pandemic go away I'd be willing to blank she I'll leave you with a really depressing fact a big wig Broadway producer suggested that due to social distancing he isn't thinking Broadway will be able to open this year all I get is because those theaters are so small yeah it's real tough he sees between everyone yeah he said they have to lift us use me live locked down soon in order for them to be able to really even planned for what that next step is but he said otherwise expected to be next year currently it's until I believe early June is when they're scheduled to open the west end in London scheduled open on may thirty first but his prediction about Graham was like a upright until next year man what a bummer my data sorry everyone I wanted to get married we're getting ready after the break we've got according to a new study if you're listening to us from home right now in your thinking at some point I'm gonna go back to my office right well yeah the answer is probably yes to that and here's what your workplace might look like when you finally do return we'll get into that after the break on the dynasty show on my talk.

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