Pointblank, North Korean, Senator Ben Cardin discussed on Idaho's First Morning News


I newsroom rick worthington some of the most powerful senators on capitol hill are pledging to find out if the white house is dragging its feet on sanctions to punish moscow for the election meddling well brian todd says the questions are coming for both parties really there are serious concerns among top members of congress that president trump isn't willing to punish vladimir putin for meddling in the 2016 election it's a pretty high level frustration the we know that this issues concerning russia have not gotten better senator ben cardin top democrat on the foreign relations committee and republican john mccain or at their wit's end as they prod the trump white house to move faster to implement sanctions on russia i think it's overdue i hope that they will act according to the law after congress overwhelmingly passed new sanctions president trump signed them into law reluctantly on august second the administration has until early february to put the sanctions compe lately in place and hear something to keep an eye on a senior north korean official is issued a stern warning to the world that it should take literally is countries threat detested nuke above ground this official the foreign ministry who i spoke with i i asked pointblank is this on the at north korea seriously considering and and this is what he sat should the world prepare for north korea to detonate a nuclear device above ground what is holdings ego the foreign ministe very well aware audina tensions and on supreme leader we learned so i think you should take his words literally what our young people he just heard from reports directly to the foreign minister who made those inflammatory remarks in of course the foreign minister is a member of full voting member of north korea's polit bureau their top decisionmaking body so those words really did come straight from the top of north korean leadership that's will ripley reporting the.

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