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Long hours, including weekends, many of them from home. They're also affected by outdated computer systems, and it's just too much. 905 Got the latest acreage on the big fire burning the San Bernardino National Forest. Containment not going up, but the acreage is we'll tell you more after traffic. It is 905 traffic and weather together over 10 minutes on the fives. And here's Jennifer. You're okay. We got a couple of new things here. I want a list for you. First of all, I'm taking a look at this. They've got a dog running around lanes on the 65 north at Firestone. So please be careful that that just popped up. Also, the West found one a one at Coldwater near the day. Cool water off ramp. They've got barely a van, possibly blocking the right lane of the off ramp north 1 10 coming up from the harbor area. San Pedro Harbor will begin to car crash at Carson in the left lane. They're clearing that to the right shoulder. You gotta back up to support our West. About 8 to 10 crash at sunflowers now become a sig alert. They're saying the blood plane and the car pool lane is blocked. You gotta back up there to 57. I mean, solid, like stop and go and the north around 57 to the west to 10 is backed up from Errol Highway westbound side of the sixties. Still working in lanes there left lane blocked at a zoos over the direct back up to the 57 speaking of 57 although I don't see slowing the reporting a crash just said in Lane seven north bound at Bria Canyon, so heads up. There are next reporters at 9 15 More traffic reports. More often. I'm Jennifer York, in the Toyota of Gondor, a 24 hour traffic center Kay Nixon 70 NewsRadio sunny Today. We're back into the seventies upper seventies along the beaches, some middle Upper eighties downtown, 76 degrees in downtown L..

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