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Is the place to get your back yard ready for warmer weather. They can have your new concrete patio poured in time for you to enjoy it all summer long. Indeed. Decorative concrete dot coms. Yes, for advice. Get money twice come from the dirty, but they don't know you're back with Mike and Rob. So I did not see the big news, Max versus Mike Lyndall showdown that occurred yesterday afternoon, but I saw it almost immediately after the fact because it was posted widely across social media platforms. This all started. If you haven't heard this story, it's pretty amazing. My pillows company account their corporate Twitter account was permanently suspended yesterday because my clindell, whose personal Twitter account had already been suspended like last week or the week before he started using the corporate account to say the things that got him suspended by with his personal account to begin with. So, for example, he posted on my pillows account on the 31st. He said. Thank you to everyone who has supported my pillow during this time. Jack Dorsey is trying to cancel me, Mike Lyndall out. We are extremely busy and hiring as fast as we can to handle all the shipping Jack will be found out and should be put in prison when all is revealed. And then he went on to post this was the post that Jack was upset about when he canceled real my clindell. Jack. I know you are tied into the election fraud. You are so afraid of being found out. So many are looking forward to you being brought to justice. And then that was what caused them to just shut down that account. So Newsmax decided to invite Mike Lyndall on to talk about the suspension. The Twitter suspension, right? It was two different reporter people. So there was like a triple screen. You know, like a panel screen. Mike Lyndall was one on one end. And then there was a newsmax gal and a newsmax guy who were there to conduct the interview. And so they asked him right out the gate. Mike Lyndall. Thank you for joining us. What you know, tell us about this whole Twitter suspension. And literally immediately when he starts to talk, he says, Yeah, it's because I am calling them out on their participation in the election fraud, And then he started to talk about Dominion and, like, Get into all the stuff, will they meet the guy and I don't know the names of the reporters, but the guy Shuts him down and immediately starts talking over him, really, really loudly and and he looks terrifying says while we hear it, Newsmax 100% believe that the results of the election were fair and all the states have certified them and we hear it. Newsmax do not agree with all like he's immediately covering for the station. Because apparently news Max has already been Threatened with suit or sued by Dominion. Of course, Mike Lindell has a swell but it is not stopping him from saying the things and he even from what you could hear, which was very little because they were shouting over him from what you could hear. He has plans to reveal some sort of evidence of his claims later this week, and he wanted to talk about that. And they would not let him get a word in and it got into this big shouting match. We're really all you could hear was the Newsmax guy. The Newsmax gal is Was sitting there looking completely dumbfounded, right? I mean, like what? She had no idea how to control the situation. Finally, the guy is talking to the producer saying we gotta shut this down. You know, we just need to finish this right now. He ends up throwing his headphones off and walking off set. It was that crazy, So the first question would be you know, this is what this guy's gonna talk about. Krystle. Why do you even have him on exactly clearly disrespectful to have someone on who? You know That's what they're going to say. That's part of his story. What, exactly? And if you don't disagree, if you if you disagree with it, fine, then say it. Yeah, he's entitled to have his opinion, and eventually the rubber is gonna meet the road either. He's got the proof or he doesn't What do you care? I mean that zoo train wrecks. You gotta look at it, but it's really bad broadcasting. It was terrible broadcasting and people are you know Newsmax is where people gravitated to actually got disillusioned by Fox. You know you're no different than Fox News. Now and.

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