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Would y'all do with the off day no. Practice today which I'll do Kind of went to the store and get a few dishes to my Pat machine okay kind of neglecting it. You gotta change at all go man that's a racket too you know. And if you want to sleep in? The same bed, with your wife Damn slower and so. If I. If I lose weight. I think? That would help also Christian has basically what kind of c-pap you guys This conversation because I got one too I know Okay Go here. Early Consolo Menasheh does not like a full full like. Darth Vader mask so you don't sleep with? Your. Mouth, open yeah yeah you do or, you don't know I don't use it so I can not snow even if they have that. Air pushed up Christian you're gonna be there one day He just. Keep living, Chris yeah just keep living so. Yeah that's, so that's what I address you know you have this checklist and. You know. You keep pushing it back pushing back we're talking. About yesterday drew reason his time management it's. Unbelievable and us both to do You know what I'm supposed to. Do this. It was in between our member focused on between. OJ's minicamp has got to it so That's good so there's different kinds of CPAP. Machines He had a different kind and. In a different straps that you, have to wear I sleep with my mouth open so I. Needed one that covers up my mouth nostrils type and you know the one. Time that. A new dues said that you snore Is At the airport From Meltdown on United? Airlines. Yes God like a Chris going crazy in a Twitter, war like a three in the morning with people like why we get. Home we showed him from one Washington airport to the other Washington airport just to try to catch. A what would the flight like left four hours? Earlier, well I just remember we were sleeping at the. Airport you remember how we got there No I it was a, journey said we'd definitely dedicated tell. Craft and I remember a folly fell asleep in? The, chair I might have been sleeping twenty minutes as. Christians we gotta go I said What, what are you talking about security, is not even open he, made his go stand in front of the lines good. To win even open that so to make sure. We finally made. This flight Oh yeah But I, I mean I have some PTSD over. This moment so bear. With, me I mean I was furious they canceled the flight. Member after we sat on it for. On it for two and a half hours I don't. Want to rehash it whatever but the point. Is that I was at that point I was not going to miss another flight the. Point be why we. Brought up, that story, because deuce finally crash on that flight. The comeback who doesn't Man do, snow Earnhardt We'll get back. To real sports here full lines. Are open at. Five oh four I didn't know.

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