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5 51 here China has blocked more than a dozen recent and future U.S. flights from entering the country saying it's tightening COVID travel restrictions industry officials say that China ordered the cancellations after some passengers tested positive for COVID on flights that arrived in China in late December American Airlines says 6 of its flights from Dallas Fort Worth to Shanghai in late January and early February have been canceled United Airlines says it was forced to cancel 6 flights from San Francisco to Shanghai later this month Delta Air Lines says it canceled one flight to Shanghai last week and another one on Friday Well the blocking of flights is the latest development in a dispute between the U.S. and China over international flights and rules designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus Law enforcement officials are on the lookout for signs of domestic extremist activity and they want us to help them out There's something the FBI wants you to pay attention to Indicators of mobilization Jill Sanborn FBI executive assistant director of the national security branch testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on domestic terrorism We want to teach people to pay attention to human behavior Sanborn said that mobilization is being driven by personal outreach And that's something the public needs to pay attention to And become alarmed and alerted when it looks like somebody's mobilizing We have found that is very successful on the IT side and believe that educating people on those mobilization indicators will help us stay ahead of violent threats that are out there JJ green WTO P news The navy is facing big questions about fuel contaminating drinking water in Hawaii Federal news network Scott has more The navy's beginning the process to de fuel one of its largest stations in the Pacific a spill in November put at least 14,000 gallons of jet fuel into the water supply and sick and military families on the island of Oahu However after testifying before Congress navy officials still don't have solid answers on the crisis Officials don't know the extent of the problem the long-term effects on service members or if the fuel leakage is a systemic issue The navy says it's conducting studies now Meanwhile thousands of families are still displaced and suffering from health issues Federal news network The shady grove and Rockville metro stations on the red line are set to reopen on Sunday They have been closed for four months as part of the Rockville Canopy replacement project Metro says crews worked around the clock to rebuild the platform Canopy at the Rockville station and they install safety and communications improvements in both stations Investigators think a 5 year old boy caused last week's deadly fire in Philadelphia They say he had a lighter and he set the Christmas tree on fire That row house fire killed 12 family members The fire commissioner said the little boy was the only person on the floor when the fire started None of the smoke alarms inside the two story unit were working Family members say that fire killed three sisters and 9 of their children Coming up next and money news some of us still can't shake credit card debt It's 5 54 At lend the plumber we know plumbing issues can be stressful No one understands this more than our plumbers Nobody's excited to call a plumber My approach is to allow that customer to feel comfortable with me in their house And to go over any and all options of what repairs they can make To their.

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