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Turn off the location services on your phone or don't take it with you when you pull up to a bar because they're gonna track yet bars. Hemmitt can I slightly reframe the way you said that if you don't wanna have worse insurance rates. You're not necessarily get a good one. Yeah. You're just not gonna get worse. Once God bless you for the accuracy. That's exactly true. So your Instagram posts or those of your friends can get you in a whole heap of trouble. How fair this seems so say don't post photos of yourself, smoking and social media sites do post photos of yourself running, but don't do complicated or dangerous things like skydiving or gone and driving. In candy Harper's jacked up dodge with v twelve I'm thinking, if I look at all of my social feeds, they cancel each other out. I don't think insurance works that way. Don't think they take the good stuff and say here's Harper carrot. She's obviously making salad knock it down. I'm sorry. That's the theory that everybody has gosh when it would be kinda cool, though, a you extra season on an interesting point here. What if someone could develop it and make it a little bit like the stock market in that year rates during the course of the day is you posted things would rise and fall, depending on your good, behavior and bad behavior. You think a lot of insurance companies? I deal with a lot of companies. I look at this article that is from the Wall Street Journal, and what's happening is New York as issued some guidance around an investigation where they found the regulators at gone out looking at people's how insurance covers your coming upon prices. They'll leave one insurance agency out of one hundred sixty that was using social media retail purchaser intent activity underwriting, but what they are monitoring for things like is your phone. Are you going to a gym? Because you've got the location tracking services. Are you going to a gym does that this mean, you're healthy? I go to the gym nearly every day. I can tell you. There's a lot of people in the gym who earn a lot more calories walking into the gym than they do on the recumbent bike reading the prevention magazine and chat with one another. I did always find it kinda funny when I was used to be a member of the downtown y when I- office was down there. People would would take the elevator to this upstairs. The stairmaster. That's just like, you know, you could have gotten a couple of flights in just walking up to this thing. I always circle the parking lot to get the closest spot. Exactly. There's social media's changing everything there is a police officer hover you track this down. He I guess he's been using official police tools. Yes. Australian police officer his name is Adrian Trevor more. He said something in court yesterday that shocked a lot of single women specifically because of what he admitted to doing he faced one hundred and eighty charges of using secure police database to access the information of about ninety two or so women that he met on online dating websites like Tinder and plenty of fishing. Okay. Cupid stuff, but in court, he allegedly stood up there. And he said this is not that big of a deal. This is common practice all officers. Do this. We want to know if a person is suitable to have in our life. We do it for everything. So not just dating for like, you know, if my friend is going on a trip with check him out for like that sort of thing. And so this officers can spend six months in jail. So obviously, the judge did not agree with that. But I think it's actually fairly. I mean, we've had story many stories in the United States of police officers using those tools, you know, if it's a strange relationship, but in a strange marriage, stalking somebody. This is because you have access to a lot of information. But do they actually do this research, if they're getting ready to date someone or friend is going to date someone depending on their certain certain files, you go into that that track you whether or not you've been locked in and other ones that do not do they do this research, we absolutely in this country. And you're not bothered by this. I mean, I'm not I'm not bothered nor not mean, if you if let's say if I had a had a daughter, and she was dating somebody seriously, and I had a little misgiving. I didn't know much about the person. Would I want to do background research on them? Yeah. Probably what I want to violate their their privacy. Yeah. No. But you can find everyone does social media searching as right now on their Twitter feed. You do all that? Yeah. I can tell you this. If you have a young daughter in there's like, a sixteen year boys interested in her, and he comes around other thing. I would tell you is is when you're leaving the bathroom or the bedroom window make sure it's shut because you can learn a lot not say I wouldn't want. No, not that. You would have. I didn't know. I assume you just introducing actually you know, what are the tour? What are the things? The only part of the things about his dad that Huckabee always do upper body work before a boy comes to visit. Incidental. Let me let me present you this. You know, they always say to the kids be careful what you're posting social media. We were interviewing someone in Washington DC to come to work at the Republican National Committee and the person decided it would be a good idea to wall in there. Go on social media and say, I can't believe these idiots. Let me in. They haven't yet figured out here who I actually am. And the funny thing was it was just an intern position. And the thing that she didn't know as we always check you. Yeah. We always we'll talk to you. I forgot to check you. So we made it look like she was going to get the job. Okay. See now, you're just playing. All day with us. And then as the a the as appropriate the guy gets to make the call. I got down and said, hey, we're we're going to hire you step. We were watching you on social media all day. Cept? You're trashing this all day. She said you let me spend my whole day here. Yeah. Yeah. 'cause you're wasted our time to how does that feel that fun for you? We didn't go back and social media and do that candy. I know that you reflective person and your introspective and you spend most of your day in pure acts of introspection. Yes. A lot of medications working with you guys. Ask you this question candy. What if you what have you learned today?.

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