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The big con inside this like lama then they figured it out and they open this fucking lama more inside and they have the police and there were already banned from that point why'd you get bent i don't know i got an email before they'd come started saying i was banned from bitcon for what i did last year i don't know what i did last year it's fucking stream and they're like doing my thing but you cause any sort of disturbances or anything bad no i don't think so i just think they didn't want me to be going around streaming bitcon because i think it'd be a destruction definitely would be i think a lot of kids would follow me around and try to be on cameron shit what about you doing your own version of tannock on ice conned has to be a lot of money did it is i would love to do that don't wanna spend the money he was supposed to have five thousand people don't you think you could probably get that was able to show to a hotel in the middle i don't think so tanna has what four million subscribers she's huge no doubt but i'm saying like she shouldn't have had that maybe you could get fifteen hundred which is like fifteen hundred maybe it would've been told disaster you think she was surprise to get as many she did what it was was that they sold like five thousand plus tickets and then the venue itself was only supposed abbott twelve hundred people in it and so when when i was there like i didn't really understand how that it was until i started to see like people's videos sort of started to see it from the fan's perspective because my perspective is like the end security sort of rushing us between rooms or whatever so you're seeing people but you're not realizing that like all the people are just standing in the hallway at a fucking like marriott hotel nothing there's nothing for them to do before that they're all trapped outside burning in the sun yeah i mean that's the main thing why probably wouldn't throw con i don't know i wouldn't be able to manage it like it would just be shit show which would be funny for stream but i feel bad for anyone who bought tickets but i'd probably get like a few hundred like i i don't don't think think i'd i'd get get a thing i mean i have only five hundred ninety five thousand subs like i'm not that big but i mean just the level of engagement you have with so many people watching and just the fact that you're ready and your discord or crazy i mean maybe one day i'll see figure it out brown no but you think what handed it she went and she gets shane dawson she gets the gabby show she gets all these big as youtubers you andy brandon hampton boom business shane dawson's a hell of a lot bigger than asian andy's easier arguably we'll different but yeah i mean something like that do you think that you are going to make free branam shirts i don't want to support brandon hampton at all oh i don't like him i think he he burns his bridge with me see what i was planning on doing before we got locked up was at a certain point getting him and you on this podcast sorta argue it out he's still cool with that i do i mean i'm down the do that i just don't want him to like i just don't want to try and help the guy in any way anymore right self do you think that your fans that the holds that against you because they like having them around and now they sort of resent you because you don't want them around i think the majority of my fans probably think brandon's a crackhead so i don't think they resent me for that you know what i mean like i mean they like he's obviously you know has good streams but they also know that he's like also a toxic person let's let's fair i guess i've tried to sort of squash the beef of them and everything but then now he's locked up so it's kind of a bummer.

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