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The girl who e. news has chosen not to identify by name was thirteen years old time and is now sixteen. Look honestly what is with everyone. We've got drake bell josh. Duggar kyle massey jerry. From cheer like everyone is with people. I have no idea texting a thirteen year old. What are you doing free. Massey allegedly believed she was a minor when he electronically communicated with her for immoral purposes of a sexual nature quote. You know this is becoming something. We frequently report. I'm like i just want to bomb. Like cost. And i just wanted like added to the list of things that don't enjoy reporting. Oh i'm so glad you said that. One hundred percent. Because it's really sick. It's so many different ways. Can you say sick discussing twisted. Yeah and i guess the the theme between all the peoples like they're all people who got famous when they were like kids like drake bell. Kyle massey Josh duggar not so much jerry. But well he's college yet. It's just it's so sick. And i'm really like over reporting on this. So if everyone could just like start talking to people their own age. I would really appreciate that. I think that's a really good message. Yeah just like you know stated lane like play the people your own age to people. You're owning. It's so twisted and i'm so upset because a loved korean house. Now that whole part of my childhood is completely unlike. And i can never watch out so raven without thinking yes so many parts of childhood have been ruined hundred. Seventy seven ruined absolutely ruined else. Oh the cosby show ruined We could make a whole list like really hold on what was like a really the seventh heaven one was like the big the big one. The big one. Yeah dropping the comments. What's been ruined for you. Yeah i ready for our next story. A little Age appropriate news. Thank god yes sex. Life co star. Sarah shahi and adam de mos are dating i. Irl okay. we need to talk about sex life. I'm sure like many of you. i went home. Hit put up. Net flicks went episode. Three minute twenty saw big penis yesterday. Big penis a very big penis and i was glad that i was a part of that moment. You know literally culturally then. I saw the tick talk that everyone was experiencing this and i'm sure if you were just like innocently watching this show on netflix. That penis hits different episode three minutes. I was prepared to go back and raw. Watch some of the show. No i did not have the time like i said. three podcasts. Meetings meetings meetings yesterday made it a priority to go home and just watch the penis of course because like we said research. We are all in on research. Sorry were so devoted to our jobs like fault. But i did feel like now. I want to watch more of this show. I would love to get your opinion on the actual show is like so stupid. I know but i did find it really interesting that these people are dating now and i read like an article that she kind of detailed how they met. We met the first day in the makeup trailer and it was just over you know and it's like grown like we know why we know when it was over. Just be real with just about episode three minutes just us woman. A woman like no. It's fine let's not make something. That's also what i didn't realize because i wasn't looking at his face when he turned around was that he is actor from unreal..

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