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Well, I if you heard me accused conversation about a Q is again, everybody's calling him a fucking lunatic. The NFL's like you're screaming like that. Where you're blocking people. It's a hell of a block though. Hel. Very good. Speaking of a block. On Monday night football. We just got completely caught blocked by the San Francisco forty Niners somehow ally manning surgeons, I don't know what were they I still think we're on the right side of the pick the over hit and the forty Niners were winning the entire forty Niners over did not hit. I did not take that. I took the over. Well, then there's a miscreants. There's medication. I took the San Francisco forty Niners over which was twenty four. We only twenty yards away from it in that. So I got an if they score that touchdown with no time left. They only wind up winning by two anyway. So we don't even have them, but they wouldn't want the over. So would split I was and then Nick bonds is telling people to stay off the field because the fix I'm sitting here in my bed like jumping up like pass interference in the end zone. Where on the one pass interference on the end zone. And then erupts like no holding on the offense. And I'm like, Nick Mullins, the fucker you doing you've got my heart broken over his and said that he is still gonna be the quarterback until he says, otherwise so poor CJ. I think Molins is good. Yeah. I can I like CJ brother too. I I like both of them actually Mullins does this is the first time playing right bathroom too. I guess it's better get hurt. Yeah. Yeah. Wally put stuff. Well, it happened. Jimmy G. He Wally pipped by your by CJ bathroom view is losing game. Seal handsome. He's still look to the crop gap there with his he had a bomber jacket out there in a sweet. And then you saw his friend actually tell them that we're on TV right now. And they started smiling halfway through it. Good. Good softwares that he's not on the sideline. Now with the tornado COO is it. I mean, it's been a while since he tore that I feel you know, what that is a very interesting thing at least with an earpiece in or at least like just I don't know. Like, you would think if Brady was at two out of patriots game in the suite instead of on silent. Wouldn't that be little weird? I think people would attack Tom Brady. Yeah. I found that weird on Friday like go down with your teammates hanging. Watch the game on the silent. I didn't even think about that. Because there's probably something you helpless. Yeah. That's like when Payton was hurt. They didn't have them going to games. And then he went to one game and he stood like, right funny. Offense coordinator and Coldplay's basically for Curtis painter right down the field and scored. I'm going to go. Why does it? Why don't we do painting? Why don't we do this every weekend? I know you've got a very bad neck in. You're probably going through rehab, but I would also like to not be miserable. I would also like to not be defeated here. So like that happened against I think it was the Bengals he we're at instances natty and he's calling signals to Curtis painter. Curses like, I don't know. If Peyton said he was going to do it or what happened? But he steps up starts calling signals. And then he's looking up at the jumbo trumpetings. Like looking up at the Jumbotron, and he's like, okay, Ben, boom, boom was to this. And we walk right down. The field. Score knows like that might be the first touch. I'm gonna spend on. And then something happened where either he had another round of rehab like he was getting rehab on the neck, very, very it was a huge because that was a career situation in he he leaves them. Like, I feel like we should try to get that guy that just walked out of here with that neck and forehead like I think we should have him try to be potentially. Call plays. That'd be good for everybody. If that could happen. So there has to be something that the starting quarterback can do on the sideline I agree with that. But who knows how healthy is is..

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