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Down their armor, build trust reach across the aisle and find solutions that's the president from the White House this weekend. And let's listen to a little bit more of how a key democrat Senator. Mark Warner from Virginia responded he was on NBC's. Meet the press yesterday what the president proposed yesterday increasing border security looking at tip looking at at the dreamers. I'll use that as a starting point. But you've got to start by opening the government what we cannot do. And I've actually had Republicans as well recognizes is that we cannot reward the kind of behavior of hostage-taking because if the president can arbitrarily shut down the government now he will do it time. And again that Senator Mark Warner on Sunday Gabby when we come back to you on on on the Senate majority leader Senator Mitch McConnell here because it wasn't I guess up until very. We recently the past couple of days. The Senator was saying that he you know, wouldn't bring anything to vote that has that didn't have the president's approval. And I guess you know, because this is the president's plan. He's willing to to bring it to a Senate vote on the Senate floor. But is that going to nudge anything realistically, given the no Democrats going gonna support it? Well, I think the the mentality here on behalf of Republicans and the White House, and this includes leader McConnell is that if they can get, you know, fifty one fifty every single member of the Senate Republican caucus to vote for this all fifty three Republican senators, then at least they can go out there. And then show, you know, we put forward a solution. We've voted for it in the Senate. No Democrats came on board. Democrats aren't willing to negotiate. I mean, that's what we've sort of heard them hint at in the last few days since the president introduces proposal, and since Democrats even preemptively responded to it saying that. Are not going to support this unless the government is reopened. You know, McConnell has sort of been this curious figure threat all this because he's very much been behind the scenes involved in negotiations, but not really speaking publicly about the direction or where things are headed. And meanwhile insistent as you said that there's no utility in even thinking about a solution to the shutdown at doesn't have the president blessing that the president wouldn't sign into law as it passed the Senate and the house. So I think this is a move where they're just trying to increase the pressure on Democrats to come to the table, regardless of whether the government is shut down or not. We'll Gabby or covers the White House of four politico bringing us up to speed on what happened in Washington regarding the shutdown this weekend. Gabby. Thank you. So very much. Thank you. Okay. So it's still has very much the feel of an intractable impasse this government shutdown. So let us turn now to someone who helped negotiate an end to what was one of. The most intractable impasses anywhere in the world. Joining us now from New York is Senator George Mitchell, he was democratic Senator from Maine from nineteen eighty to nineteen ninety five he served a Senate majority leader from nineteen eighty nine to nineteen ninety five.

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