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In the week of may eleven. So you've got disease because the migrants we don't know, they haven't they've had a tertiary medical screening right to be in our hospitals or schools. We don't so. Add that to the habitat is a outbreak. And then last night at PBS oh deputy working with the DA, FBI, shall face by MS thirteen gang member on his birthday wasn't he, like just turned twenty nine it's the kid, he's going to be okay. The bullet got stuck in his cheekbone only God. This is an MS thirteen some of these units will be coming in, as with children and families. But we don't know who's coming in or new America's going to be great. Guys, I'm sticking by the hope that it's one of those nut in my backyard scare tactic. I think you may be right Jan. There's a lot of there's a lot of evidence leading to that. I think we'll see. I think it's wishful thinking quickly, and they are going to be dropped off right here across the street from the station. What West Palm Beach board of what leads me to this governor didn't know sheriff didn't know other than the day before the mayor was told the mayor of the Palm Beach county commission was told the day it happened. I don't make this kind of drastic change without pre-planning. You would assume inhumane and dangerous. Yes. Transportation. No money. They don't English. They're nowhere to go. That's a great point care. Because lost in this entire thing is how fair is it to them? Transporting them from one place where their unwanted to another weather unwanted. That's all you're doing. But what was the first reaction everybody here? Well, they might set up tents out west. They don't know what they're going to. You're gonna talk to MAC Bernard. He's the mayor of Palm Beach county end, who is like side, you know, blinded by this. He's going to tell you what the plans are as of this morning, because he's had overnight to kind of work on the probably didn't even sleep. Coming up banks guaranteed a.

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