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Oh there's no doubt i mean going back to that twoway article i road i ask these guys who they've been flying on commercial flights to get two games because the clippers have been like finding ways around the rules in all this and so like randomly tyrone wallace who's been playing pretty well for the clippers like flew commercial from la x to salt lake city on the day of the game to before they played the jazz and i was like hey would you do this does anyone recognize you is like no definitely not so if if tyrone while as kid like you know get through ellie acts were the world's biggest airports without being recognised i don't see why the you know these pelican fans can't get out of the court i it it's basically the same thing in terms of the craziest fan behaviour that is a very difficult question i would just kind of default two fights you know i've seen some pretty wild brouhaha us in the in the arenas i mean in terms of a mass fan behaviour it would be the heat fans leaving during the finals in trying to get back in that's absolute classic i was there for that and it was quite chaotic passed that nothing else has really come to mind specifically how 'bout you yeah i can't think of any particular like crazy like viral examples that i've seen in person i will say that at one point in my life when i was younger and stupid her and more obnoxious i was thrown out of a wizards game 4 oas sneaking down two courtside seats at like they were baseline seats thosethose courtside baseline seats and just screaming at christian leitner the entire time i was in the seats and got the old heaveho from for rising center security and yeah not my proudest moment honestly if you know that story i thought it was going to end with and you know people say a night in jail as tough but subtypes it's worth it i thought that's where you're going with that because you cage.

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