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This is Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning on seven ten w o r. I don't know. I think this vegan thing is getting out of control. Another vegan fan. No. I'm not a big fan. Well. I mean, this doesn't make any sense to me. So if you're a vegan you may soon be able to enjoy are you ready McDonald's? Yummy mcnuggets wrecked at are going to be vegan mcnuggets. Now. Do you wanna mcnugget that's made out of chick peas onions carrots and corn? No with some bread crumbs Amina mcnuggets should be chicken is chicken mcnugget. It's not a chickpea mcnugget and also trying to sat in Norway. Yup. Also, they have the vegetarian McPhee's now. This sounds scrumptious. It features a breaded bean based burger, oh, yum. It's actually sounds good being based burger. Oh, yeah. Love they'd love breaded beans, rather be makes for a topped with cheese tomato lettuce at a special sauce. What's that sauce? That can't be made out of can be made out of dairy though. If it's a vegan thing, I be. I bet it's made out of sui. Know the thing is not I have nothing wrong with a veggie burger. I actually like a veggie burger put I would never think of going to someplace that's known for their fried foods. Exactly. Donald when I go there to eat things that I feel guilty all bread ABI base burgers with cheese specialty. Let's not the. Peas onions carrots and corn. Speaking of McDonalds. Yeah. Now this happened in England. This guy goes through the drive through and he wants vegan, burgers, I guess you can get vegan burgers at McDonalds. They're only trying out these vegan mcnuggets at in Norway. So he goes through and apparently they screwed up his order twice and the guy just threw a major fit and called the police..

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