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I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts. The other day called the rewatch ables with bill. Simmons and talk about old movies and i was on there. Because they're on a luminary and luminary is. I've never really heard of luminary before. So i gotta luminary and i look in there. We are still curtains on their two. Were found on itunes. Google play were found on everything into me. It's it's great to see us out there but let me tell you. Some of these shows that you might be missing if you're not listened to the audio only platform. Let's ride with jeff. Hartmann monday wednesday and friday in a m on tuesday mornings. It's michael beckwith. Live mike on thursday. One of my favorite shows. The stat geek. Because man no-one taking if you ask him a stat he's gonna do his best to find unless day scofield. It's fantastic stuff. Then these shows that he get on youtube. Were putting him out there. There's other stuff. Like my factor fiction my retro. Show with tony jeffey where we go back in time. We're not talking about now. We're talking about then. Sometimes it's great to reminiscent feel good about a game of the past. We do mostly wins every once in a while. We're gonna we'll throw in an extraordinary loss as well From a game that was was a legendary. there's some legendary losses to But we mostly do wins right now. maybe when i ran out of games but we go we watch. We watch the game start to finish. There's a site where we found these games in its mcmillan life. It's incredible so get to go back in time and relive those shows in the one we just put out. Yesterday it was two thousand nine steelers against brett farve in the vikings remember brooke far was in purple. Yep it was really cool to do. Tony and i did that game. And it looked like the steelers were gonna blow that game. Defense prevailed two thousand nine in that particular game was so much fun. Check that out. Don't miss those. And i'm telling you we are coming up with our new fall season. We are going to be bringing in some noontime shows to these shows right now the youtube shows they re airing on the audio side have to run noon going to change that up a little bit in. We're going to have five new shows for yet so we're going to have new shows on the audio side that gonna be fantastic. Get involved and remember. You can't be in a situation where you're driving in watching us on youtube. 'cause look at the look at everything. You might get distracted. You don't want that you do not want to get distracted by this face whether it's good or bad you don't want to get distracted by it. check that out and also. Don't forget about these shows that you're gonna get on youtube. Every single day tells from to a you know it. It's on sundays on mondays. Live on youtube steeler hangover. Tony gaglione myself jeff. Hartmann is with myself and dave scofield on thursdays with the preview as we preview. What's going on now and in the future. Dallas says it's one seventy five dollar fine here for touching your phone while driving so if you're watching me while you're driving. I can't pay that fine. I don't get paid that much. I can't do that so you could listen to the show on audio and then you can just picture this face. You picture me much better looking than i already am. Every that'd be great You know when i was in radio is top forty radio and i would work midnight to six and i would have women call the time to chat and i was bored. It's two a m. i already did my homework for the night. I was still in college at the time. And i'd be bored. I just talked to. Everybody is when i have conversations Next up spin doctors the go back. I'd be talking So they some of them had no clue what i look like and they would look like and i'd like you tell me each time. I got the same thing every single time. And i was man i was in my twenties. I was skinny. Dude i i have a much better. I had the i still had the the flowing hair at the time at the mullet going. One points. when Mullets were supposedly acceptable. And but i would say. I you tell me what i look like. I got two answers every single time. Brown hair brown eyes medium build medium height and thaddeus. I don't know it seemed like i was talking to women. It was the nineties. It was a simpler time. And they hit me right on and then the other group would would tell me. I was six four blonde with blue eyes. And i'm like you got. And i i would i would. I would whatever they wanted me to be in the luck. That's that's what i said. I was so what a fun time at the Very early nineties late eighties. I graduated from high school in late eighties just so much fun But other shows to check out touchdown under speaking about our glamour. Boys man the boys from down under matt ep. Marquis de man. Those those are the a guy they get a lot of youtube us so they get a lot of Listen just because of their voices because of the accents..

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