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This is weekend edition from npr news i'm garcia navarro good morning this weekend marks one year of a trump administration but that anniversary might be overshadowed by date two of the federal government shutdown democrats and republicans are taking predictable swipes at each other trying to place the shutdown blame on the other party we are very water senator bill maher of government sharpeville there's no such thing as a good shutdown democrats have never been fort showing the under government or really like chemical weapons is in warfare should be bear negotiating with this white house is like negotiating with jello that was senate majority leader mitch mcconnell house minority leader nancy pelosi tennessee senator lamar alexander speaking to cnn and senate minority leader chuck schumer we'll be hearing from senator bernie sanders this hour and get some republican insight later in the show but first we turn to npr's national political correspondent mara lesson good morning laura i lulu uh you're still working clearly um they're not a federal employee but where are we right now where we are is that both sides idea of compromises that the other guy caves that's not a good place to be there is talk of another shortterm spending bill that would expire on february eight that's a shorter extension than what the house passed but the senate is where the sticking points are the bottom line is that the issue of immigration the issue of the dreamers has not been resolved and lawmakers are struggling to find a way to open up the government again and somehow keep those negotiations on the fate of the dreamers alive republicans are now saying we don't want to talk about immigration until you open the government and democrats are saying we don't wanna open the government unless we get a deal on dako or at least an agreement to bring some of these daca bipartisan deals to the floor of the senate so mitch mcconnell uh the senate majority leader is calling for a dramatic vote just after midnight technically one am and the president is awake and has just tweeted about the nuclear option that's right the president has awake and the issue here is.

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