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Listening to the Valero Alamo bowl on ESPN radio and ESPN nothing Texas thirteen twenty four to go in the first half in San Antonio in the bowl season funny and you come into this game Texas the underdog service in all sorts of due to the defense of it including their safety rating Jones who's a punt returner so the shot James he gives a chance first brought returns of the season it takes one seventy one of the doorstep opportunity make the most of it also what's funny about all season is sometimes I feel like as coaches it is a chance for you over think a little bit you know we saw Utah come out and we didn't see a ton is active loss early in we've seen Tyler Huntley throw the football out of a lot of straight drop backs some spread sets I mean you can get back to what they do best which is run the football and play action off that that's that's when they're at their best camera Dicker to kick it away for Texas Derek Vickers senior from Bakersfield California back to return for you to go to the far side Vickers alleged sale over his head this huge office to try to figure out exactly where they stand silently back twelve golf it's a blur the year first team all conference quarterback second one it's a clear the year thirteen all American running back ten of the fantastic but it's not so much so far today Huntley is thrown three for five for twenty five guards lost five carries for twelve yards averaging less of two and a half yards a carry nothing Texas leads number eleven Utah ball in the right hands for the students but for patients who expects the right they will close the key to the left side of fathering ample fodder under center takes a step back look at that the fit of a good straight king for that was the trigger blitz by two one Mitchell the inside linebacker number six for the Texas Longhorns waited waited waited saw that the running back is going to stay in a protection decided to come late but we had a little bit of space in the middle to be able to leave the pocket but obviously close down quickly with that inside linebacker blitz brother was soon what is trigger pledge it means when when you're back so tight in stays in your reading to see if they're going to go out there to stay in when they stay in taking coverage leave a second in nineteen the second fires a quick with all the right half the fleet to set a goal father him second catch of the game for the San Clemente California nine who play called there's little stick rallies called why stick this basic concept a nice easy role for Tyler Huntley Ludwig right now trying to get his quarterback thank you for them to get the ball this we'll be looking at a thirty no surprise which is good Texas she said on a level to the specs of the right to left take impressions of the agents completes the thirty five yard line a good for a first down since in the Judy at a proposed high school for a big of a fan as a really good role by Tyler monthly apple supposed to be on the outside shoulder he throws on the inside shoulder the safety is driving hard on the outside so allow his receiver to go with the ball side with the green grass and pick up that first outside the first letter Thetford enters it they were on his way to the left side Texas converges it taken down at the forty yard line after a gain of five and it's got a late second five after eleven fifteen accounting in the first half Texas tech Utah nothing rob terrible that get a breather a rare Kerry for him our monthly checks the left wrist band is you get some signal from the Utah sidelined due to the red helmets with the black logo surrounded by the feathers it's a black logo on a black helmet straight shiny gold red hold only fixing it up will play acted accordingly does is that the stick is forced out into the turf but it is mentioned in a rush of seven the great leap blocked by his running back Zac loss but you get an idea right there just how athletic Tyler Oakley is that's a call it's going on the outside if you don't have continued on and he's gonna make you pay a big game I just use it taking advantage of his speech had to leave their because ninety one for Texas to marches them just was not touch to the press about that backside to force them out first down for you top quality mobile logo the Utes forty two yard line head on straight ahead rock the vote to recall these TV fifty Cup of three second seven now for the use this is been the biggest surprise to me in this game fellas the north south road game in between the travelers has just not been able to get going for the Utah Utes give a lot of credits that Texas defense short mention how they're flying around a little bit earlier but also those defensive lineman holding the point of attack in allowing those linebackers to be of a scrape over make plays the only strength for this Texas defense is fired their defense supporter has been against the runs up fifty gets to run a hundred plus I guess the past total pressure come three plus a second it's it's a loss of a poster board third was the first one he escaped that and just to the side running down the seat the pressure on the outside and many of its high day trying to block a C. let's see that's a mismatch there and he did a good job of forty one forty two but Texas defense will be the second second game for Texas second quarter to set up a blog for trips signal received right they should to begin moving to the right Ford and see me and we'll see if it was sent you to our Texas it'll be on the units it back of all start Thursday twenty first career start for the sun for Nick Ford in a move that got a I will tell you guys well down here on the field you don't expect a bowl game to favor one side as much as far as the noise factor but it definitely leans Texas and it's definitely not on the field this building built for low salaries for this bill it's close to the field if you're finding any indoor stadium if the backfield efforts only thirty seventeen jackets the fire is considered the please they will get a first down Taylor Dixon picks up though and only for the seven coverage it's so you taught force to put it away the Utes with just sixty one total yards so far this one and we've got an injured Texas player out of the secondary Jaylen green who would miss some time with an ankle injury.

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