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It's five fifty four Mike appel gained for Sean hanging out with Frank Frank. I just saw this story cross. And I don't know if you've ever been in the situation where you had to call the cops on the neighbor if you hurt your neighbor screaming over and over at the top of their lungs. Why don't you die? Why don't you die? Would you pick up the phone and call the police? I don't know. I might need a little bit more than just that. Well, people in Perth Australia heard a man screaming, why don't you die over and over again, really blood-curdling scrapes. So they called the nine one one number in Australia. Whatever it is. And the cop showed up it was a guy trying to kill a spider. He had a spire in his house, and he couldn't kill it. He kept spraying it and the thing just kept running around. So police were dispatched, you know, they probably set like a swat team to the guy a swat. Thank you. Frank is quick very quick. So yeah. Just one of those things before before you pick up the phone and call nine one one. Investigate a little further as Frank would tell us this guy. Unfortunately, now, the whole world knows about his arachnophobia nother SAT word here in the first hour lie. Goodness, I'm gonna have to start writing these now use them in the future. There's gonna be a quiz on these in the future. And so that's my breaking news story. Well, you mentioned, you know, plans to end the shutdown, and I mentioned the fact that there are eight hundred federal employees affected thousand eight eight hundred thousand one say eight hundred. Oh, yeah. Eight hundred eight hundred thousand a small number compared to the total workforce. And I really all these people, and we talked about this to hell federal government employees today or paid rather handsomely, and they got a lot of benefits, and what have you thanks to the fact that they are now unionized and have been for a good while I really believe it's going to be the unions representing these eight hundred thousand which will push the number crat leadership to coming up with some kind of an agreement. The compromise between what the president wants. And what Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are saying no to and that's the wall funding. I never thought of that write it down. The the unions. According to Frank lucrative, very good idea. Because you know, what else? They'll guarantee that. They're the ones constructing whatever walk. They'll get the work. All right. Well, speaking of work, I think you have some well if you are out there right now, and you suspect that you have a transmission problem, you might wanna head to Glen Burnie transmissions..

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