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Also expensive. And we're like justifying the cost recording into a blockchain and even like saying some of the more affordable ones like procon. We're gonna show protons one of the ones that were supporting marshall hainer. He's a bitcoin. Ojeda guys might know him from in the space. I've known him since twenty thirteen at in the bitcoin space and we just finally just too expensive and such a huge undertaking to do history of ownership of land records for any county going back. How many years ten. Years twenty years It's just expensive in probably not worth anyone's time but darcy you there is someone who's like a superhero out of utah. She added superhero. Could flip her name. Miss powers yes. So what's exciting is my really good friend. We've been friends for about a decade milly. Power she was. She became the attack About three years ago And so during that time. You know utah. County is the second largest county at all of utah so keep in mind that they had with elections coming up the previous in the two thousand eighteen election with under the previous person. Their election process was a disaster. So amelia coming in new and that into that role. She realized she had a lot of work to do. And so she said recites on using blockchain technology in order to solve some of these problems so she's made she's made inroads in two areas within blockchain. The first one being on she just she decided. Hey it's silly that we have this process where somebody has to walk in to get their marriage license like she wants to make this all online friendly to get a marriage license right even even so i've been with her getting nails done when she officiated. Somebody's wedding she can do it. Virtually and then it gets worded county and let me tell you something. She saved so many people's bacon during kobe did. She was literally officiating. Weddings worship for people living in new york city for people in california real even israel. She opened it up to the world. And so this is what super exciting. As she's by by being creatively using the efficiencies of doing everything online and using blockchain she could then literally fishy a wedding. Send somebody certificate within like five minutes post-ceremony right so it it Dramatically changed things for utah county but actually open it up to the world she said. Hey we're doing this here. Virtually there's no reason why we can't do it outside of the state of utah in even the world so that's an exciting space That she ventured into the other second area is even the voting space so was a what she made. Available that just launch during the twenty twenty election was that if you were serving overseas in the military as a member of utah county you could vote on the blockchain for the twenty twenty election or if you consider yourself a percent on with disabilities you could also vote on the blockchain so it was really exciting as i was helping out with brock pierces presidential campaign back in october a friend of mine and i were his utah directors and so when he came into town and i had a meeting with a whole bunch of people elected officials here in utah. What was really exciting as we went ahead and had my dear friend. Josh daniels who at the time was the deputy to milia for as the count is utah county clerk. He went ahead and cast vote for brock pierce. On the blockchain it became the first presidential vote To in the history of the world and that happened for brock. Pierce out of utah. County by josh daniels and we actually since then have made in the nfc of it and nfc the movie and you'll you'll hear more about it. It's pretty fun and exciting but these are some of the innovations and exciting things that have have been here in utah and right now. I'm i'm an adviser to ballot. Tacking ballots heck is working on their solution and were and were actually setting up our partnership with valid tech and ubiquity. Right now as we speak to move things forward so there's a lot more innovation to come. That will be made available to counties all over the united states. Ballot dot com. It is valid tat. Guess mentally put voting on the blog. I coming from a security perspective voting. A couple of questions here voting on the blockchain is incredibly nuanced Exp- because i don't want to it. I think more often than not the moniker of it's secure because it's on a blockchain gets used. Which isn't necessarily the case and garbage. Oh and or like there's also a tremendous amount of other things that are nuanced around not having privacy but having forever records of of someone's decision some something like this and the security of it being able to be manipulated in the process so like i'm weary and may in many security researchers very weary of doing such large-scale votes on on blockchain and i'm curious to see how ballot is doing this and because i hope because eventually it will be the right way to do it but i'm not necessarily sure that the privacy and security tech is there to to do that on such broadscale and end secondly when you say voting on the blockchain which one we're currently in the cambrian explosion of blockchain's And not all of them have the security skill ability censorship resistance. There's they're not equally secured private in any way shape or form. So i'm curious like what can you can you. Maybe drill down a little bit as to like which one you're using and why that's being chosen and how that kind of works so as of right now we have not yet done. The backend development integration the tool that was using the twenty twenty election utah. County is not the same as valid. Tactile attack is still held to just know that that was a local solution selected specifically for them. But let me tell you something. People send millions of dollars on bitcoin and other things that i can tell you this can.

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