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But i went with oregon anyways i flipped it and that's what i'm gonna do here oklahoma's eighteen and thirteen they have not won a road game in two thousand eighteen their last road win with december thirtieth tcu by one point everything's going to be going the rhode island way they'd la oklahoma's lost twelve of fifteen and the middle of that run they've lost they they lot head lost six in a row and like i said four of the last five games that oklahoma has played young as went seven to twenty one five and nineteen years let me help you out reenergize you young twenty nine of eighty four from the field everything points to rhode island i'm going to flip it make oklahoma to against rhode island on my thursday game okay i will be giving out mine on the ringers making a nice video of my best bet for thursday friday and my conference picks and i keep saying conference bic regional picks and my best overall winner i will say the one one and this isn't my best bet but this jumps out at me no one's taken loyalist chicago and there are two point underdog everyone's jumping on me i know you guys loved them all year they got their guy out right yeah actually like loyola winning that game you do bruce bruce brown doubt miami's not the team that we hope that would be i think in an alternate university could have been but they're not.

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