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In the Chicago area and a total of two hundred twenty four in Illinois. Six people have been charged in connection with three separate corruption schemes in Harvey to relatives of Harvey mirror. Eric Kellogg, allegedly extorted cash from a strip club owner while to Harvey police officers falsified reports to shield their friends from gun charges to others tried to solicit bribes from the owner of a towing company. And now WGN sports. Here's Kevin Powell, Chris Blewitt. That's the name of the kicker the bears plan on signing the Twenty-three-year-old emerging from another. Tryout at Halas hall today. He's the second kicker the bears are bringing in this off season. Joining Redford Jones Blewett kick for four years at but he hasn't been able to find a home in the NFL since graduating a couple years ago blew it will compete for the kicker spot. Cody parkey set to be cut a week from today. The thing. I here is that blew it is not even gonna hit the post. Would you like it when you get at least it's frustrating, especially the double going, but at least it was clubs. I worry about a guy who's just completely like the minute leaves his foot. You got mad. They miss that. He totally blew it. While the trial was today, you figure they had to have held it outside. So that's encouraging right. Because today's holded Wendy. Done something to impress. Golf, simulators say let me see your swaying. Hey, remember, when we all we had to worry about was Barth Barth, it Barth like he Barth it remember that. That was all remember that a quarterback named David fails as well. It's either have great kickers are terrible kickers. Yeah. But that's sort of isn't that sort of this the story in the NFL. No, there's a lot of marginal kickers that. Are that guys are just gonna average to good kickers most of the NFL? We got gotta move a. Are moving along cubs. Beat the royals four one in spring training. White socks off today. They play Milwaukee. Tomorrow. College hoops, northwestern hosting Ohio State big ten matchup second the last game of the regular season for the cats. Dave and Joey Meyer with the call at seven forty five here on WGN tip is at eight at the United Center bulls hosting the seventy Sixers Jimmy Butler returns for the second time since he was traded to the timber wolves in twenty seventeen on the home of the.

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