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Sports talk great to have you with us on this overcast and cloudy day here in the tri state with rain and possibly snow moving in so Look at it this way. We have that to look forward to, and if it's going to do it, why not do it other than a communique? And wouldn't it be nice? It. Wouldn't it be great if this were the middle of July, and it was baseball season and We could all go to the games. What we don't know about that. Yet. Baseball doesn't know about that. Yet. There has been a reticence for a lot of teams to sign Big League contract's reticent to sign free agents. The budgeting for a lot of teams is very much in limbo. San Diego is out signing players like you know, they've got money to burn, and in some cases they do. San Diego is loading up, but most other teams have been judicious in whom they sign. Including the Cincinnati Reds. Now let's face it if you look at the Reds right now, even in a week, National League Central Division you're probably asking yourself, okay. What's the pathway to get to a division title? Trevor Bauer is gone. Trevor Bauer is gone. He was your race. He hasn't signed anywhere yet, although the Los Angeles Angels seem to be the latest destination for him. We'll see. But here we are, hopefully three weeks away from the start of spring training pitchers and catchers reporting In just three weeks. Rotation right now looks to be Luis Castillo. Remember that rumor that pop last Sunday? Castillo is going to the Yankees. It's a done deal on this, and that never happened. Did they talk? Sure did they think they were going to get more than what they were being offered by the Yankees? Probably. Is that the reason why he's not there? Absolutely. You have Luis Castillo and you have Sonny Gray. And then after that What you got. Paranormal. He's been around for a while, but he can pitch he could throw. You knows how to navigate through a major league game and navigating through a major league game anymore. For starters, about five innings Wade. Miley. Yeah, he's older, but still knows how to pitch. He may not throw, but he can pitch. And you've gotten Ensign, who was bounced back and forth, at least on the Depth charts between the bullpen between starting between being 1/5 starter between being a closer Lorenzen probably would be best left in the bullpen, but that still leaves you at least one and maybe two other spots to fill. So the Reds have been busy in the last week, signing pictures, not starting pitchers at best depth for their bullpen at best players that come here on the come Hoping that people like Kyle Body and Derrick Johnson, who are you have a long track record of working with pictures that haven't worked other places and spending them into something that can be useful. Siano Perez left hander the Astros had him and traded him. Hector Perez, a right hand of the Blue Jays had him and traded him like Seattle Perez here to the Reds this week. The pot's at best. They're both just bullpen guys. If indeed they even make The roster coming out of spring training. I think a lot of what's going on really now. And this is going to sound nuts. Because if you've watched the red well, it wouldn't be the first time I said something like that. If you've watched the Reds over the course off the 60 games last year. The name that I keep coming back to For this this this pitching rotation as a possible fourth starter who knows, maybe even a third starter. Is TJ Antone. PJ Antone. Out his fastball in his curve ball. I'm not going to get deep into sabermetrics or new metrics that baseball has next gen stats and all that. There's a big premium right now on spin rate. Everyone who wants to know what's the guy's spin rate on a curve ball on a fastball? And for most of his time leading up to last year's shortened season. TJ Antone's spin rate was at best pedestrian. It went off the charts last year and his appearances. I get a feeling that it's nothing more than that. It's nothing more than looking at the at the stats with sabermetrics and what he did last year. That he could be. Somebody that just comes out of the blue to the average fan, Not the Red's not the body, not to Derrick Johnson out of the blue. Have a pretty big you. Pretty big year pitchers and catchers of his report in three weeks. The big question with the Cincinnati Reds and we're going to get into this as we progress on through the next three hours. Plays shortstop. Pretty. Galvis is still out there, but they've cut and run from Freddy Galvis. There's still the three big names and free agency Marcus Semi and DeeDee Rig aureus L dropping Simmons. Jose Garcia remains in the system. But Garcia in 68 plate appearances in last year's shortened season. He's whipped 26 times with 26 times. Walked only once that is most experienced before spot play last year and again a 60 game season was no higher that advanced able So what about Simeon Gregorius and and Simmons? Because I think from those three you gotta find your shortstop there. And my guess is that's exactly What Nick crawl on his staff or up to right now they're not rushing out to sign any of those three. They may want the market to set itself After one signs. They may all sign. I mean, other than Simeon. Who has just under a nine war wins above replacement terrific player who had a offer your last year. Little bit simian. They're all Gregorius and Simmons are about the same Simeon. 2 23 is on base percentage last year was 305. I'm not going to get into the rest of the stuff that that I like. But it may make if you're not into baseball, math, you may make your eyeballs roll in the back of your head. But in 2019, this guy had to 85 drove in 92. What's his problem that why is he out there while he's 30? You also made $13 million last year playing for the Oakland A's. I doubt seriously unless this process goes deep and by deep I mean well into spring training, I doubt seriously if Marcus Semien and is going to be looking for anything less than that..

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