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Brit WMAL and WMAL dot com at the close of the group of seven summit in France French president Emmanuel macron says he's hopeful that president trump will sit down with the Ron's president soon to talk about Tehran's nuclear program at a joint news conference president trump said he'd be open to that but around got to meet his terms were looking for weapons noblest Dick missiles at a longer period of time very simple we can have it done in a very short time and I really believe that the rain can be a great nation I'd like to see that happen but again eminently weapons public representative Sean Duffy who is represents northern Wisconsin and Congress announcing to this afternoon that he's resigning next month to spend more time with his family Duffy posting on Facebook that he recently learned that is nice child who is due in October has a heart condition and will need even more love time attention due to complications Duffy who was on the cast of MTV's the real world Boston in nineteen ninety seven plans to resign of September twenty third democratic governor Tony ever says that they're going to have to call a special election to fill that vacancy X. county police putting two and two together over the weekend with tragic results police were called to a wooded area where they found a body indirect motorcycle preliminarily detective I believe the operator was riding motorcycle from Lee highway to northbound perfectly parkway when the motorcycle ran off the right shoulder of the ramp traversed Ranko with Fairfax county police apparently the motorcycle I traveled into a wooded area which is what led to the days of a non discovered the body was identified as thirty nine year old Simon Chang a teacher at south lake high school who had been missing for about a week the discovery coming just days before the start of the school year John Matthews on WMAL and WMAL dot com Harvey Weinstein pleaded not guilty to a new charge filed against him a criminal court in New York this morning the sopranos actors have publicly accused winds dean of sexually assaulting her in her apartment in nineteen ninety three but it was beyond the statute of limitations now the Manhattan D. A. obtained an indictment from a grand jury that will enable ski or to testify in support of charges of predatory sexual assault she's represented by attorney Gloria Allred she has been willing to testify when asked to do so because she feels that it is in the interest of justice once teens defense attorney Donna retune said this was actually a good day for their case I think these new charges show that they are desperate the defense will seek a dismissal of the new charge Steve casting down New York for people expected to be charged in the deaths of Florida nursing.

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