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Now paul starts telling carla that he wants her to invite tammy's friends over to the house so that he can do the same thing tammy's friends and she does so they start drugging. These girls were friends with her sister and love. These girls had no memory of anything happening. They only found out after the video tapes were found and then they were informed that that had happened to them. Oh my god. I couldn't darker okay. On april sixteenth. One thousand nine hundred to pollen. Carla are driving around looking for a new victim. They're just full on sucking predators. They see a fifteen year old girl named kristen french. Who's walking home from school. They pull into a church. parking lot. Carla gets out holding a map. And then when chris walk by she waves of sorry. I need to know directions. And they pull her into the car and kidnap her. But this time there's witnesses so people saw people actually saw kristen get taken but when they report to the police. Multiple people say that it was beige camaro so immediately. The police realize a girls were kidnapped. A girl's body has been found. We've got something serious happening. They start They put together what they called the green ribbon task force dedicated to figuring out what the fuck is going on and the green river test scores puts up this billboard immediately. Have you seen this car. Wanted in the abduction of kristen french. And there's the grid hotline. The only problem was that. Paul bernardo drove a gold nissan. He did not drive a beige. Camaro So it was a huge mislead april thirtieth nineteen ninety-two kristen's body is found in a ditch in burlington. She's clearly been tortured. Her hair been cut off then. The violence within the marriage begins escalate on january fifth. Nineteen ninety-three carla goes to the emergency room. He has a paul's beaten her with a flashlight. She has two black. Is that go from like here to here. And they're dark purple. She has broken ribs extreme bruising before she leaves the house to go to the emergency room she tries to go find the video tapes and she can't find them anywhere twenty days later january. Twenty fifth nineteen ninety-three dna samples comeback. That bernard had given to scarborough police and they match the dna of the scarborough rapist. So the toronto police bring carla in to talk to her because they know you talk to the wife like basically they have to.

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