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And when you learn something you become a new person now because you you have a different sensibility. You have different you're attracted to different things. And I love that in and it not only does it's not a, you know, not only does it broadened you. But it also once again makes you flexible because I think it's we get stuck. We can't you know, we're conditioned to really. I don't know culturally where all about productivity in reason. And you know, the truth is very far away from that. But the truth is what's going to make us stay alive and awake. So in these taking on different stories in different roles. I think it always challenges your thinking and wakes you up wakes you up. I mean. When you see a film, that's very far away from you. But it, but it touches you you start imagining yourself in that situation, and if makes you kinder and more thoughtful towards other people and with your Antea self and also makes you feel more equanimity and makes you except a little bit more are in a situation. Now, basically, we're all dying. Let's stay alive on her life with a certain kind of Shuhada the intention tension and. And. Consciousness rather than trying to our lessons. Well, we had one artist friend, we visited one day in his studio. And he said he had AMIS brush. Well along. Should go ahead. Just goes you work on this Bush, just tab. I was scared to death. I was I was literally I was dumbstruck. I didn't have the nerve to touch. His canvas said, I can paint over it. Or there's nothing here. Brunen filing, dab dot. Yeah. That is the band painted out. We will never know shooting. When I'm thanks Julian Schnabel, the director of king of bathrobes taught me because he taught me how to paint he said, there's no such thing as bad, Mark. And he made me see painting as making Mark see song. Eight taught me how to paint the light. I learned so much from him. Another dumb question. Have you continued painting? I haven't I haven't read. It's a practical thing that what free time. Do you have you may as team movies and hear what time do you have for this? It's I like working with oil you really need a studio. Yes. I don't wanna be a dilettante. You're now if I going to do I really want to do it that was perfect condition for really concentrating on I had a friend recently who saw the movie, and he said, you know, I was telling you that I learned Bank that I was you know. With no judgment of how skillful or anything. I said. Yes, I was painting. He said that was great. I said I post shoes. Basically, I painted them in real time. I got a lot of help. But allow coaching and a lot of preparation before. But I and he said, wow. Would you come and paint me? He's one of my oldest friends, and I said. I don't think. So he said, please, please. Really? I'd really love you to do a portrait of night. And I hope he loses my phone..

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