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The recent downgrade of the United States credit rating by the American rating agency Fitch has sparked a new conversation. From AAA to AA +, this downgrade may embolden proponents of a BRICS currency. Riley Adams is a personal finance expert, and while he voiced this sentiment, he also highlights certain geopolitical issues that must be overcome before this becomes reality. Fitch's downgrade is tied to repeated political standoffs over the debt limit. Those standoffs are eroding confidence in the US fiscal management. This could rally support for a BRICS currency among those opposed to the US dollar's reserve currency status. Then we have Robinder Sakdev. He's the president of a New Delhi-based think tank. He believes that World War III has already begun. He anticipates the BRICS economic bloc will be merging with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. A single merged organization, he argues, will be much clearer and stronger. Both BRICS and SEO, initially founded by China and Russia, share many big picture goals. He sees the potential for BRICS to play an important role in building the new world matrix of the 21st century. That is, if they work together on a common agenda. The downgrade of the US credit rating and the potential merging of BRICS and SEO are significant events. They could potentially reshape the global landscape and the role of cryptocurrency within it. The downgrade could weaken the US dollar's status as the world's reserve currency, opening the door for alternatives. A BRICS currency could be one such alternative, especially if the BRICS nations can overcome geopolitical issues and work together. The potential merging of BRICS and SEO could also create a powerful economic bloc that could challenge the US-dominated financial system. This could create new opportunities for cryptocurrencies, as these nations may be more open to digital currencies as an alternative to the US dollar. These developments could be seen as a positive for the crypto market. A weakening US dollar and the rise of alternative economic blocs could drive more interest and investment into cryptocurrencies. This could potentially lead to increased adoption and higher prices. However, it's also important to remember that these developments could also bring new regulatory challenges and uncertainties. Moving on from international economics to the scrutinizing eyes of New York's Attorney General, let's explore what's happening with Genesis. Remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications to stay updated on these stories.

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