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Yeah. Oh, that's what happens, Uh, the impact right now. It was the wind heavy rain as we heard just all along the coast. But it's the loss of power. We've got over 400,000 people now without power across our broader Houston area, and Jeff Biggs has all the details. He's right here right now. Yeah, That number has gone up significantly over the last hour. As you said, sure, over 400,000 right now. Without power. We will keep you posted on that. And actually with some more here from the National Hurricane Center here is Stacey Stewart. In the immediate Houston area. There will be a fairly sharp what we call rainfall gradient from Northwest to southeast parts of the northwestern Houston metropolitan area may only see 1 to 2 inches, But then you get down to the southeastern part closer to league city and down towards the Galveston area. Those areas going to receive quite a bit of rain falling. And again we have flash flood warnings in Harris County, Galveston, Brazoria and Chambers. Also the other story now this morning. If you're planning on traveling today, make sure and check your flight. Bush is open and operating right now at Hobby American and Delta are set to begin flights at 10 A.m.. However, Southwest will not resume until later this afternoon. Okay. Okay. Southwest, doing an awful lot of crisscross Texas flights, you know, and Texas Louisiana points, you would still have to worry about the storm as it moves eastward, Exactly. Yep, not a good day to travel east now. Well, you want to take some fall? Yeah, Let's do it some time to do that. 38 times, 7132 and 2 58 74. If you'd like to join the show, let's grab. Marcello has been waiting for a while. I 10 and somewhere around 10 and Beltway A Good morning, Marcello. Anyone else? Yes. Are you guys? Yes, sir. Thank you. What do you see where you are? Um well, your call screener asked me. You know where I was when I jumped on the call here, and at that time I was jumping on 10 off to go. Wait on the East side. Sorry. On the west side of, uh, Hallway eight. And but I really wanted to call about, uh, the area between Um 35 on the bottom side of the Beltway eight. Going west. Um and I'll tell you what I've been up since three am trying to go to work here. I'm headed to Sealy, Texas. Oh, and, um and, um Cleared up about four o'clock They're in league city. And as your news persons just said down there, we were getting hammered. And there was road debris on the service road jumping on 45 right there, infrastructure barrels and stuff, So people need to be careful there. Um But on the Beltway eight going westbound like I was telling you, my goodness, All right? I.

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