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Goal of snap is to provide you know income security for people but we also wanted to provide nutritional security for people so we want to see if we can get more of the snap dollars going into fresh fruits and vegetables and obviously less going into sugar sweetened beverages anybody who's ever been on snap will tell you that the challenge is affording healthy food because healthy food is expensive we all know that how explained that challenge how it kids connected to this program well actually fresh fruits and vegetables even frozen fruits and vegetables are not necessarily any more expensive than processed foods now there are some food desert in this country where it's tough to get some of this fresher foods and that's another problem that as a as a country we have to work with but you have to realize snap is not only a program to get food into people's stomachs but it's to get healthier food in because the alternative is a higher degree of serious chronic diseases particularly diabetes which is costing the government hundreds of billions of dollars in excess cost of the medicaid program and through our healthcare system so what we what we're trying to do is to get our government and our private sector to and and agriculture community produce more fruits and vegetables and then at the same time strongly discourage the purpose of the purchase of of sugar sweetened beverages and we think you know trading the two makes a big big difference i'm not saying it's it's going to happen in a new york minute so to speak but it is important part of snap to be focused on nutrition and not just quantity of food dan hang on with us we're gonna take a quick break and come back more questions for you here on the opening bell but dan glickman former secretary of agriculture is here talking about the snap task force had the recommendations and we'll continue with dan right after we check traffic this morning at five seventeen but first we need to get you to work on time and safely in wgn traffic central mary van developed and traffic sponsored by dell i often kelly mad park.

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