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You with us today alongside me as always you know I was in my great friend Mr al Conexant al as made good friend joy tribute he once said how you use in a you know what I'm doing well how are you doing Hyundai and fantastic it's always great to be back helping ivory tower young family make better investing decisions online training academy has been to some people just like you for over twenty three years how to generate income utilizing these financial markets we have the stock market the forex market the the futures market and the options market we do that at our local academy right here in San Jose negative for income during your working years or managing an increase in income during retirement no we we talk a lot about financial literacy or the lack there of every single week and we we've been getting a pretty good you know pretty good reception on that because a lot of people just don't know what to do with our finance right and we had another great week in the financial markets me actually the market didn't move a lot but there are still a phenomenal opportunity to create income but also to create wealth in your retirement bucket yeah every week is a good week in the market it really doesn't make any difference which direction is going or what's going on you know in in the students to come into the online trading academy they're really here be this is kind of their kind of had their their question is what we do there has to be a better way what they're doing just isn't working for them so I start out by asking you have a son when I ask you this question and all of you listeners ask yourself this question have you had the talk with your kids yet it depends on what talking well I know what all of your thinking anything he's going off subject here yeah sure this is the talk I'm talking about is a talk about money you know if you talk to your kids about how to save money how to invest if you talk to him about that the power of compounding the value of leverage using your money to make money how about how to make money in a down market have you talk to your kids about that and in the the real question is can you do you know how to well here's the thing out we're told not to do that we're not supposed to talk about money we're not supposed to talk about wait we're not supposed to talk about politics but those are things that we should be talking about it they're very important things especially the the the money part of it but the problem is that most people don't know the answer to those questions are how to help their kids because they haven't had the talk with their parents yeah you know and so so what is the key you have to understand and I think all of the teaspoons they accept this fact that the financial markets it's the best tool it's ever been available to everybody to to participate in anybody can do this yeah I know but there's one big cavea at and that is it only a good tool our great tool if you know what to do okay how do you know what to do well you get the proper education that that is really key is like anything else you do that's worth doing you have to have the proper knowledge what the way we approach it ad online trading academy is it's it's a combination of things is a combination of of pertinent knowledge and and also developing and building the skills to use that knowledge and then you use that along with an intelligent technology system that results in in a more simple accurate we do to access quality traits I'm a consistent in and confident basis and the key there is that personal knowledge what is that well wire for students also and when we as a company understand that there's a lot of noise out there a lot of opinions which really isn't fact in the really what you only want to know is what moves the price of something whether it's an individual asset or the markets in and how far is it going to go in other words what's your profit going to be in price turns at levels where there's a high probability of it succeeding and high profit potential when the institutions trade in a high enough quantity to change our relationship between supply and demand and that's something that you really can't argue what when there is more demand for something price is going to go up doesn't make any difference what it is and when there's more supply of something price is going to go down again doesn't make any difference what it is but what you have to be able to do is identify when there is an imbalance there because when there's an equal amount of buyers and sellers price really isn't going to go anywhere but he is when you have a all the sudden a large demand huge amount of buy orders coming in that's where the price is going to turn in in we know that that is also the area we have the lowest risk entry in the highest profitability in the highest probability succeeding that's what you want to be able to identify and the interesting thing there you said is is the supplying to manage all price moves but the institutions are driving that is not the public the the big money that's who is move in the right in igniting the smart money we call it you know and and be there we're talking about hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of shares at a time you know and sometimes there can be a situation where just the the emotional impact of traders impacts the market like we had a couple of situations here recently were like when when we took out so the money and then Iran said the missiles at our air bases a lot of people freaked out and into we were starting World War three so there was a lot of movement into gold and bonds a safe haven type things and what happens there is that the the emotional traders they might cause that move maybe the institutions actually started to suck those people into a trouble but what's happening is it just quickly moves into his own where they're at let's say that the these these markets are going up because of the emotional impact of the the novice trader the the public it right into his own where the institutions are waiting with sell orders it's almost like they're going to come to me come to you let's let's get I suffered here at to the great because I want to take the opposite side and who's left holding the bag it's the institutional traders but I think the the the key to understand here yeah I'm gonna use this analogy one of our our people use this I thought it was really appropriate it's so you play golf do so me ask you this if if somebody had never played golf before and you bought them the best clubs in the world is that going to automatically make them a good golfer tell you what they will look like a good girl PMID they may look good until they actually take their first swing yeah but what if you had that person went to professional and got instruction from a preference professional and then you gave them those great clubs then they have an opportunity to be successful right right the same thing is true in the markets get the education first and learn from a professional learn somebody who knows the market who understands how it works and who has proven their success then combine that with the best golf clubs in this case trading platform that that we give our students called click which include some proprietary tools that helps you down the path of identifying a quality trade and that's important because the we know the markets have three directions they go up they go down but they also go sideways so you do do you do need that strategy for every market condition and it's not rocket science you just haven't been taught it's just the skill of the knowledge first but then the skill to actually do then you talked about how what is actually moving price it supplying the man in the big institutions that we call the smart money that's who's moving the market all want to do and that's what I'm a trainee county can teach you the skills to do is trade like them trade look like the smart money and I want to give away.

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