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Welcome to ruin a Bank is day radio podcast with fraud expert. Skip Meyers this is your guide to fighting fraud and chargebacks. Learn the best front provincial solutions and strategies how to enhance your fraud prevention team, and how to prosecute criminals. Now, here's your host skip buyers. Hillary one invent you for tuning into ruin the bad guys day radio. Hey, I'm skip Myers. And I'm your host today for guys day radio. Hey, I I wanna start off in. Thank everyone who continues to support the program in especially all of you who keep singing all those great emails in feedback. I really appreciate it pay. We have a great show lined up this weekend. Looking very very special guest that helps you fight crossers who enhanced training and wariness to a better understanding of cybersecurity an internal audit controls. But I as always I have some great news and updates involving very stupid criminals. So this just in from ABC, thirteen KT, arcade, TV and Houston, Texas busted, bumbling burglars. But dial nine one one while robbing a local Houston best buy store. Unbelievable. You can't make this stuff up like three stooges goodness scripted this any better police say they busted these bumbling burglars after they but dialed nine one one while. Robbing local best buy just outside of Houston. The nine one one call came in around three AM from a cell phone, please told the news Pru. But there is nothing, but background noise. When the call came in the police decided the ping the phone all the Paul was actually coming from a local best buy in Sugarland, which is a Houston suburb. Just as the burglar alarm was coming in from that exact same sport that said, you know, sometimes it's just meant to be plus the bad guys. How stupid they yet bring your cell phone to this robbery? Unbelievable, anyways, they somehow but down nine one one according to police, and then the PD put everything together and Termine that these two miss has worth hurrying at the same time. So officers are already in route to that alarm, call when they got the other nine one one call that was, but you know, I can't imagine the look on those bag guys when the cops pulled up in the parking lot is that how do they figure this out not knowing that one of their buddies, but tunneled nine one one? Unbelievable, so Laden with all the stolen goods that these lead in a stolen pickup truck and led the cops in a forty minute. High speed chase with speeds reaching over one hundred twenty miles an hour of the news crew search reveal laptops and other like Tron IX stashed in the trunk that said to three men picked up nearby location the truck when Bagai bailed, and he is still being hunted by police we love super Bagai stores here at ran bag is day radio. Everyday when we worked together and collaborate and partner we can really ruin a bag guys days, especially when they help us. Nine one. So, hey, as promised the bad guys day radio will be featuring some of the top broad fighters in the industry in two thousand nineteen and today, and this week is no exception. So today, I'm especially excited to introduce to you Matt Grisham match with audit. Lock consultancy and frog not fraud dot com. Mattis transforming the anti clock CPO continuing education and professional development for fraud fighters. So hey, Matt how you doing? I'm so glad you could join us today. How you doing skip just? Your whole story about but dialing the whole time. Like, I'm on. I hope I'm not laughing too hard. I was hoping to we're laughing. I was laughing with is hard to control that I read that story like six times preparing for this. And I'm trying to magin the whole thing. I don't know you gotta take your phone to you know, this big crime masterminded. I don't know what do you Instagram in your friends when when you're doing this scrum, and you can't make it up by lot skip. Thanks so much for having me, man. I'm excited honor to be here. I'm honored to. I it's, you know, we built a relationship or the last several months, and we both share a lot of the same ideas and passion for building awareness in creating that higher education level for all those great fraud fighters fraud practitioners out there always trying to get a little bit of a leg up on the bad guys. And you know, one thing I was a, you know, pre podcast review. I just have to ask how did you come up with the name for your company, especially fraud? Not frog dot com. I just love that. That's awesome. You know, it goes back over a decade ago. When I when I first started telling people that I was a fraud investing. Later. I would have a series of conversations. I thought I was doing a great job selling what I was doing. Usually it was against it was strangers or people sit next to me on a plane and go into this elaborate discussion of how I prevent detect fraud. And finally, they look at me with this puzzled face like, okay, I understand preventive how many frogs are their in business's that you go into. And so it just became one of those things remind okay, it's it is fraud, not frog. So that was kind of the main thing that's the tagline for the website lers prevent- prevent detect fraud, not frogs. So you're not into fibia NHS as others would think. You know, herpetology never was a strength of mine. So no, that's awesome. Pay. So you got an extensive background in a lot of great content credentials. Can can you tell our listeners a little bit more about your background, and how you got in this business. Yeah. Happy to you know, what I don't claim to to know everything there is about. But but I have had I've been fortunate to have a lot of good experiences. It all started with trying to break into the industry. I I literally applied for over fifty jobs, and I could not get in everyone required experience to get experience. And I just couldn't get in. And so finally found a company that was willing to take me on as a cyber security consultant, which I thought was a little ironic because I had no experience, but that was the titles junior cyber security consultant in amazing company that gave me amazing opportunities to travel world in in find and actually build a fraud program. So I was able to do that. We we did it for Larr. Fortune companies and then throughout my career of been able to help establish and build and mature other fraud and cyber security programs. This awesome. You talked about some of the first steps she took. But what were some of the things that you think that really got you that first of job to get started, you know, inside or security and Sarah security consulting. So it was one of the situations where I had to go above and beyond. I was competing against, you know, hundreds of other people in my state same time for the few jobs that existed jobs in security, then aren't they didn't flourish. Like they do now back. There's more demand than inventory now today ten twelve years later, so the few that actually happens you you had a fight for and I went to an after hours mentoring event, the things that most college students are like, yeah, I'm not going to that. I listened to this this speech that to be honest to this day was probably the worst pres. Stations. I'd ever been to. But afterwards, I went to the the presenter and just mass. The question can I how can I break into the industry? Do you know of any opportunities? And while he didn't give the most stellar presentation. He was connected, and he's like, oh, I know of an internship. Let me send you over to that. Gimme your resume in literally within three weeks. I had a job. So after trying to do what everyone else had done apply. Apply. Not even get an interview just reject letter after reject letter took me getting out of my shell. And just you know, approaching someone and just saying this is what I'm looking for do, you know of an opportunity and literally within three weeks. I had the job John. I think that's always the difference maker. I mean, it's resumes. Get lost in the crowd yet to show people that you're unique, you know, the Matt has a different look on a different perspective of looking at things from not always traditional perspective in when you do that you set yourself apart from everybody else's, you know, doing this job like they just read it out of a book. Yeah. Even skip even right after I got the job. I quickly realized on this. You know, I think there were seven or eight of us on that team that supported in over one hundred thousand employees. I I realized quick I've got a differentiate myself or I'm going to die. I mean, I I literally the best thing I could do is bring them coffee and Rama noodles. And so I said how can I how can I ask a skill? Set are grow a skill set that can make me valuable to this company to where they're gonna wanna keep me and move it from an internship to full time gig, which is exactly what happened after just a few months. And so yeah, I took the initiative to find something that what I believe didn't exist at the time by the skill set. And that's where I researched this certification called a certified fraud examiner. And you know, I scrolled through it. I'm like, man. This is exactly what I wanted to do. I don't know if you knew this, but I actually wanted to law enforcement and go into federal in just my life. Didn't take down course, which I'm super grateful things wouldn't have turned out the way they did how to gone that route. But I always wanted to be kind of that investigative space. So I found this this designation called certified fraud examiners ACF, E dot com. And just said, this is exactly what I need personally. But more than that what this company needs to help further. A mature their cyber program. So I took it to our to my boss chief information security officer at the time. I said, hey, what do you think about this? And you know, he took a chance on me. And I'm grateful to that to this day took a chance on me realize that we could use that to further the business, and we actually build a process that landed us multi multi million dollar contracts, a really really cool thing. So awesome. Hey, hey, everyone thinks for tuning if you're just now tuning in. We're speaking with Matt Khorasan with audit law consultancy and frog not fraud dot com. And right now, if you're just tuning in, we're really diving deep until Hal mad is really transforming anti-fraud CP's or continuing education and professional development for fraud fighters in it's so important, and this is a great conversation. Because a lot of us in his interesting so often we get caught up in just focusing on investigations in the fraud losses and really bad guys. But really staying ahead of the bad guys really comes from continual edge. Education. I mean, really building those skills the fight the bad guy. So what what do you really think? How can we leverage? Some existing skill sets for those who are really looking to break into this anti-fraud industry. What's some of the things you think are most important? I appreciate that question. It is tough industry break into. But it's an even tougher industry to stay competitive. So it's not one. And that's why love it so much. It's so dynamic. It's so fluid. You can't just rest on prior experience. You always have to be getting better. What you do investigators that have thirty and forty years experience men, they have a ton of Allieu. But where what I'm seeing is. They're lacking in how fraud is committed now today in how it will be committed in the future. And so that's one of my main missions is helping people get quality education. It's modern it's relevant. That's not the boring side deck that everyone just wants to dilate and two points bullet points. It's like give me the deck. I can read the deck. But yes, what I can't read his experience. So I focus on finding people who are passionate about sharing their experience. You know, the truth is health was committed thirty and forty years ago doesn't fairy too much now it's the same frauds happening. They're just doing it a different way. And so you have to detect it a different way. So man, anyone that I can talk to that Scott thirty forty years experience, even twenty I gravitate to them and try and pull from them their experience, and and then get them to share it in a way that perhaps his different than they've done before. Like, I said not through a PowerPoint, but through a live video presentation or through an online training that that is interactive through a group forums through Facebook groups, just the ability in live sessions, of course. But just to get them in front of other investigators other people who are trying to sharpen their craft. It's been an absolute. Mine. I think the other question you asked is how how do you break into this industry? How to us how to use your existing skill sets? So I'm a huge believer. You don't have to come from military or law enforcement to be a fraud examiner. Now, if you have that you do have an upper edge in some ways, but I've talked to people who have been fast food workers construction workers in oceanographer. I talked to someone who's an ocean honor for the becoming. Yeah.

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