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I think that's one of the hardest parts of the course, because you're the further the furthest out your the longest stretch between rest stops. and the road is is quite bumpy can be quite windy but it's also in my opinion, the most beautiful part of the chorus in you really are rewarded with these stunning views of the mountains, so I try to get people to look up if they can there. And then you have the long journey home you know at that point when you finish copper basin, you still got. Thirty Miles to get to get back to catch him and you know. There is a very. Headwind that happens every day. you will ever headwind going home from Private Idaho it's just how it is. The slower you are, the stronger your headwind be so it's motivation to get yourself back up in over a been over trail creek your last rest stop and then one of the most beautiful, the sense in the world over the climbed. You came up in the morning. is back into. Catch him. DOWN THE TRAIL CREEK A. Hill climb and and back to the Wood River valley. It's pretty special. I mean I I train on that hill all the time because it's really nice, awesome grade of a hill I'm never used to see anybody like doing intervals riding up and down that hill, and what's cool now is I. See people all the time just out there and. It's it's pretty awesome. And for those you haven't been to Idaho I encourage you to go on Rebecca site the Rebecca Private Idaho site and check out some of the images. Spectacular alum it. It's pretty special, and that's the point you know. We ride our bikes to challenge ourselves, and I'm all about being competitive in pushing myself and going hard, but we also ride our bikes to be with. And then to be in a beautiful place, and it really is you know. People, place and purpose you know those are kind of the things that that drive me for Private Idaho is the people that get to come here and be part of it and share the special place that I live, and then the purpose, which is you know as we talked about little bit about the be good foundation helping other people ride bikes. We talked about how you can pop in. You can do just the Sunday event, but you've. You've created this whole kind of four day ride experience sir. If you're signing up for the whole, Shebang know we do a writer meeting on Wednesday, but tell us about. Thursday Friday and Saturday. Yeah, so Thursdays course in I will say this stage race at this point the Queen Stage rates, it is sold out because it's only my permit only allows two hundred fifty people, and so it's a much smaller offering as I can expand that I will, and so for those of you who are bummed. You're not in the stage race. I do have on on Saturday. There's a ride on Thursday. We do a a night. Friday, we do at night ride. That is a where dark sky preserve and we're also. We have some history with Ernest Hemingway here. Who lived here? He wrote here and eventually took his life here and so we do a dark sky reserve, hemingway ride to some of his haunts like his grave and the Hemingway Memorial. Read some poetry so even if you're not in the stage race, I do try to put in a whole bunch of rides that are. Are Open to anybody so that if you come here for a few days, you have something to do with us and there's the parade. We have two different expos, so if you're not a status, don't be all bummed out and sign up earlier next year. but stage one is and they're all different this the goal. The stage race was to show people..

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