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Jonzon hung out inside the house. Fighting monsters was monkey business and he preferred relaxing with some of the elders in the house chatting about philosophy and eating a vegetarian. Feast while the massive monster fight took place in the backyard outside monkey. Mr gal crept toward the backyard. Structure all was dark and no lights glued inside monkey. Shuki said gonna be gross should have had a disclaimer on this one turned a gal the demand key for the lock. Gal shot back an angry glance. If he had a key wouldn't he have used it by now to rescue his daughter. I'm just messing with you. Monkey chuckled blocking a needle from behind his ear. Pick the lock or something. Mr gals squinted for a better look. Monkey chuckled again. Not exactly the needle as we know is some we'll kong's magical staff from one of the dragon kings. It could shrink to the size of a needle for easy transport yet expand to an enormous size on a moment's notice even now it had grown into a makeshift battering. Ram that quickly. And neither did the outer edge the door flinging splinters into the darkened room both sunwoo kong mr gow peered inside a green orchid are. Are you there gow called out hoping for a response but fearing the worst a moment passed and then they're a faint voice replied papa. I'm here. the old man leaned forward straining to see into the darkness. Did monkey see her. How did she look sun. Wu kung grimaced te. He'd expected to find her dead. So really any amount of not being dead was technically a win. Here let's that be our threshold Not great though. Monkey wasn't sugar coating it either. The daughter's eyes were sunken. Lips were nearly colorless her visage. Hale in weary. Her body was now crooked and bent. She was alive but not full of life. She limped to her father. Weeping and the two embraced as they hugged and wept. Some wou kong explored i into the house. Hey he called back. what about you. Know the evil pig monster. where is he. The daughter dried her eyes and explained that her husband left during the day and came back every night about this time. Actually monkey nodded cool. They should get inside. He would take care of everything from here. Just leave quickly. Mister gal pause. How did the monkey king plan. I'm beating the mon- stir they're standing next to gals daughter was gals daughter. Oh i have my ways. Said son wu kong with a wink in the form of gals daughter with ease. He set the front door back on. Its hinges mr. Gow grimace okay. He officially did not want to know not a half hour later. Sun wu kong settled into bed still in the form of green orchid. He didn't have to wait long until he heard the rush of wind dirt and rocks putting the outside of the house and the thought of something hitting the ground. Something big with each step came a new shake and then the door flew open. Framing the night sky. Around a massive hulking silhouette. The husband zoo knelt down and turned on a lantern. He was actually worse than sun. Wu kong expected his arms and belly covered in a fine hair speckled with dirt and true two gals account his look complete with floppy ears and a snout. Oh baby feeling sick zero asked. I'm sorry you're feeling bad. Any idea what it could be son. Liu cong once again in the form of green orchid. His wife shook his head. He wasn't a doctor or anything. But it could have been mound nutrition captivity or possibly lack of sunlight. Probably not zoo declared an approach the bed. He knelt down. Give your husband kiss. He said monkey had taken this about as far as he wanted to. So zoo knelt down with eyes closed. Monkey crab the ogre snout and twisted hard because of monkeys strength zoo flipped completely over and landed on his back rubbing his nose zoo. Rose baby. what's wrong you know. Besides the imprisonment no sunlight stuff. Monkey reply that he She was sick. she just wasn't feeling it tonight. Okay give her some space zoo. Who apparently respected her wishes enough to not push the issue but not enough to you. Know not keep her in captivity his sore nose to office shirt and jumped into bed. All he really wanted was to fall asleep the moment he closed his eyes. Green orchid aka monkey cleared her throat. Hey we need to talk with a sigh. Zoo opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. Yeah sure what's up monkey green orchid. So that her family had come by today. Yelling at her over the wall the zero is is. They have to talk about her family right now. He just nodded off. Hadn't done enough for them. He worked hard he provided. They say you're so ugly monstrous that you've ruined the family's reputation they don't even know what your name is. Where you're from soup groaned. Oh my gosh. How much more honest could he have been. He told mr g that is named wazoo which everyone knew meant hog and that his family name was gangly aka stiff bristles. His family hailed from the cloudy paths cave. Fuelling mountain monkey nodded. Bow offering up everything. Just like that honest guy defying yet strangely respectful captor to yeah well honesty aside. They've called an exorcist. Sun will come said see laughed another good luck they said it was someone called great sage equal the heaven sun wu khong. I think it was said some yukon. A long pause followed before zoo rose from bed and slipped on a shirt. Well i'm out monkey set up. What now in the dark zoonotic yeah. I'm leaving you. There's no way. I'm dealing with band horse plague. I don't need that type of trouble. Monkey sat up straight he. He was leaving her for real. So.

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