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With the I mean going crazy with your love it we have. We haven't put put you on hype train yet. You weren't exactly sounded before Martin put you on. Also we all right look we already. We already hit already. Hit Two. So y'all WanNa y'all WanNa do it anybody. Anybody can hit level to use. I hit level. Two on the way over here. uh-huh traffic force. We'll get high newsradio just in case I get the music so zone. y'All y'all y'all get it and we can. We can get it so I just let me know I mean knowing your reach all all all hype train getting there see right now. See what you're doing. Let me let me refresh so you can see what's happening here Let's see the not showing here. Oh there it is there it is so I love to yell at twenty six percent you have to do is sub a gift. Are I use some bits to get to the next level. So if you WANNA do that go ahead and Keep subscribing keep submitting bits and giving us bits wits and we'll see if we can make it to love before we do lose. I got their minds up in here but until then let me see. Let me see we got. I want to let you guys know. Also all that since willing to subject of subscribing we try to hit certain goals some remind you a little bit later but just real quick remind you right now trying to get fifteen hundred subscribers were at eleven forty three so once we do that we're going to play some dumb ass games and weird games monkeys fighting this but he's playing. Yeah that's what you said. Last time she played more than I never played that shit once he found that money was coming. You put his ass up an airplane McCook. So we'll place them we're crazy we'll make good our two out of it where we ought place in gains myself. Chris Martin Chris. Marred Goddamn coldplay's Chris.

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