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Belt the eighteen car ryan priest taking a look at the inside he pulls alongside of henrik any gigs the league trouble intern one it is all getting into cluster pasta goes up and caroms off the outside wall spencer gallagher also has a problem a pair of toyota's trying to battle for the race lead it and the new recruiter's brandon jones ryan and get around troubles into the back of jas crisco and turns him around in the middle of terms wanted to everybody goes topside frisco will get it right at about eight or nine spots brand a job that's a great start he's already to the bottom of the track john hundred checks trying to find a way in brandon jones's lead the last seventy five west can't he hold on the rest of the way here at bristol again is teammate ryan priest quotas in and turn to gets into the outside brings out cautioned from the restart their side by side of brief takes the lead into to random jones's to tires wrong gasify increases taking the lead here comes joe brandon jones wiggles justine all takes over the second spot he's going to chase now ryan priest return one with eight laps to go no traffic for ryan priest the deal with as he works out a number four the white flag is out here at bristol and suddenly has fallen short he's six to brief will have no traffic to deal with as he comes through turn four his hands through the stark bench live it's ryan preece one hundred thousand dollars richer has he takes the checkered flag the bits gerald glider kits three hundred just looking for opportunities and we did it last year at iowa we did it here at bristol i hope i don't get labeled as a shorttracker i want to win a mile and a half soon.

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