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They were good to me. Everybody else was, according to your credits, and I know who those people and today I treat them to certain way they want wanna give you money on thanking. I'm not going to be hypocrite. It's forgotten about. But I know who you know, who's day in the beginning, we it because when I went home, I sat across from people couple nights at different dinners. And while I was eating dinner with them. I looked at them like, oh, these people on my friend before I ever sold the ticket these people were my friend before. I even thought about comedies, people with my friends when. They were getting abused for being my friends like they will get abused. Fucking hanging out with a junkie, just robbed their friend's house. And all this shit. And it made me think of a story, I told on one of the Ari shows about my mother had a friend Ryan, and they will always tight for years. And my mother had a couple of different friends. I you know, I pay attention to him, I tired, because he always give me fifty bucks, and, you know, and she always did coke in front of me. And I liked that as a kid. She did coke anyway, church in a restaurant, and hotel, and the beach, she would just do a blast just to get a reaction, and you'll be, and I would just like what you're saying. Thing, but she really came through my mother's last two years on this planet. My mother was struggling. And now she started she was a drug dealer in Manhattan. She had her own little spot Spanish island, and she made millions and she started coming over to jersey at man, I didn't really know what was going on. They weren't lesbians and nothing but they would just DEA friends, she was sleeping on the couch. They would go to attract together and then one day my mother died. And you know in reality, my mother had a brother. My mother had an ex husband. She was the first person I call and she came over and set up the funeral. We went identified the body together, and she picked out a dress for her, and then it was her against my stepdad, and she knew my stepdad shop people criminal. She didn't give a fuck. She took control the way she started throwing people out in the wake. She choked to fucking funeral director for putting the wrong dress on my brother off. I mean it was fucking classic. But then she did something that went the ordinary. She. Made a promise at the weight that she would take care of me. And I was like this, why that my mother's wake taught me a lot about light which why you never see me funeral yet because I can't deal with them. Because in my heart, I want to go up to people rally didn't let you, you don't like him get out of here. You didn't like robbery you accused him of doing that. It's getting fuck out at you. You gotta go to one of those people. So before I go inside thrown people out and calling people start off his fight. I don't go to those standards because I goes back to my mother's funeral. I lived in I live people said to me if you need something call. And after my mother died, they changed their phone number. But Surata was my mother's friend. She would she would come over and give me two hundred dollars every Sunday. She bring me over a nickel bag, and if I was in a rut, I would go into the city and she'd give me cash, Dan, I started getting blow from her and then it went sideways. And one day I stopped talking to one thing that she did was. She called that my dad on the. On the. Headstone. She called my dad personally and said, what's going on with the headstone, and he goes, well, we have to let it sit with the concrete settled, the, the ground settle and she's like old school cube. She's like what the fuck are you talking about? You got thirty fucking days to go, then put that headstone down sixty days came, I step that never did, she took a yellow cab from Spanish Harlem, and went the his business and how the cabinet started calling him a cont..

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