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In Los Angeles. Here's death. Carson was the first career start for forty Niners quarterback. Nick Molins had a stellar night. Threw for two hundred sixty two yards and three touchdowns as the Niners beat the raiders thirty four to three how did he prepare? Once. He knew he was going to be the starter. No preparation stayed pretty consistent studied the plan. Always going to be ready with my name was called and it was called. And so I just tried to do the best that I could. And the team did the best that we could play. Great sound football three faces a game San Francisco just its second one of the season. But the raiders fall to one and seven and bad news for the Niners after Rahim mustard scored on a fifty two yard touchdown run in the third quarter. He ended up leaving the game with a pretty gruesome forearm injury. And NFL media reports said it is indeed a broken forearm. The dodgers have agreed to a one year deal with infielder, David free deal with infielder. David freeze. Sir. I look cute now. But when my owner losses job it was rough. I was living on the street. One night me, and this cocker spaniel got into it so bad, I wound up looking like an ice cream cone. I cried a little bit. But thankfully, I got rescued. So I'm running jumping all that's my old self and I'm ready to give unconditional love even if you put a lamp shade on my head. All across the country. People are coming together to speed up. What we can learn about health the all of us research program. He's calling on one million people to join us as we try to change the future of health or your family. For future generations for all.

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