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He got booed for it. And I know it's hard to hear that, Mr Trump. Will you apologize for the January six Capital riots here was trouble You apology Over 60, Chile. Tough cheated me question to ask Jim Acosta he does. His career was made by Donald Trump. He misses him. He knew exactly how to poke him to make him mad. It was his favorite thing to do, man. I bet he's thrilled to be back in the game. Remember this part to Trump would call on him. So that's part of the theatrics of everything to you. You're you know, many times in that White house was at the blue room, and they would do it when it wasn't the regular podium. We see Jen Psaki had every day that I think blue room like when he would have some of those bigger press conference things. And then you have that gaggle of reporters all standing, You know, the guy from NBC, ABC, New York Times this and that or whatever. And then Jim Acosta, and then Trump would point right there and say Yeah, and then Acosta would say something. He'd say You're fake news. Yeah, fake because he wanted the engagement. And I wonder if it's one of those things where maybe they're friendly outside of work. But once you don't think so, no way. Well, because then if you're friendly, you can be like man. We can milk this for all we got. We can really run with. Let's CNN is not, you know, They're not an objective news organization. They're liberal. We get it. I mean, the I mean, the people who run it have been recorded and saying it but obviously You don't need some Vera toss hidden video to you Just look at the product of various media outlets and read the tweets of the media outlets, reporters and you can tell what the slant is. It's pretty obvious. And so Jim Acosta needed Donald Trump and Donald Trump felt like he needed some engagement with Jim Acosta. I just find that fascinating. I love it. They feed off of each other's energy. But once the president of the United States, the other one's a guy working for just one of many media outlets, it's just interesting. You know? So so he gave a cost a good ride for four years. And now Acosta is there that they sent them CNN. Like what? Trump's going to make a public appearance. Go, Jim. Go, Go, Jim. Be there. I wonder if they have a button specifically to call Jim when Donald Trump is holding a conference, Jim Get your shoes on. All they say is Donald Trump's marked and gave a thumbs up after a cost of blurted that out, and you heard the girls responsible. Listen, I'm telling you, they're friends. That was that thumbs up was to Jim That's saying I'm glad to have you back, Bud. Could be That's all right. All right. What is this? Someone's upset about. All right. All right. All right, buddy. Upset about here. When is this? Well, people are Oh, yeah, I know. It's like, Oh, no, I'm sorry. You miss Misinterpreted something I said earlier in the show so many on Twitter. I'll just let it go See, I don't take the bait sometimes, and people say you said this, So that's not a good look. And it's like, Yeah, well, and you misunderstood what I was saying, But there could be an up and coming Jim Acosta that you're just cutting off right at that. You know, you real You are fake fake fake news. I kind of miss having that phrase thrown around soft. That's true. We haven't heard that in a long, long time. It just kind of just kind of went away. The big story today, of course, is Bill Cosby getting out of prison and you've seen any photos of him getting out of the car or little video there like a helicopter took of him getting out of the car and then kind of stumbling into his house here, right holding him. Right that he needs a lot of help getting in there. And then, when his he and his lawyers came out to talk, he would look like he was in some white sweat suit or something. Like just his hang out clothes. Yeah, and it's not like they had a lot of time to get ready at home. Because it just happened today. It's just like what What? What? What's happening? It took everybody by surprise. Honestly thought it was. I thought, I'm speaking of thought It was fake news because it all happened so fast. But I mean, what do you think Bill Cosby was doing? Didn't didn't Someone say that? We just hear a quote here in the top of the hour news that he was like he was almost reluctant to leave that he was, like, waiting or what? I haven't finished talking to Jimmy over here. Yeah, he was talking to officers about their Children. Interesting. His TV wife, Phylicia Rashad, from the Cosby Show. You weren't born yet, Haley, But there was a time loved The Cosby Show. Bill Cosby, right? And Remember, the show was yanked off of, Or Was it Nickelodeon? I don't know where it was the reruns for somewhere, you know, and one of those channels or maybe multiple channels. And TV land. Perhaps I don't know. But remember when all this started brewing up against Bill Cosby, they pulled the reruns immediately. And that means a lack of royalty payments to whomever is entitled to them. I don't know the contractual, I guarantee you, Bill Cosby is getting residuals. But what about Felicia was shot who played his wife on TV? Is it possible that she lost revenue? Maybe, or they offered her. May not a buyout, but they said, because this is going to be such a hit for you. Here's a little gift. But I mean, might probably she probably just lost a ton of money, I guess is she wasn't entitled to a whole lot be in the eighties. I'm not sure what the the revenue deals for reruns would have been. Bill might have gotten something or probably did because he was part writer and name was on the show. But Anybody else? Yeah, that was just a whole lot of revenue. He like Seinfeld. That was his creation that Cosby show And that's not the only cause Me shoulder wasn't go all the way back to I spy in the 19 sixties. He didn't own that one. But he did some other shows that he had, like a lot of management controlling, but the The Cosby Show, the hugely successful one from the eighties. Was his baby. And that just had to be pumping money to him. Anyway. Felicia Rashad played his wife. I think your name was Claire Huxtable missing? Yes, very good. And she tweeted a few hours ago. All caps finally, with four exclamation points in a picture of bill a terrible, wrong as being righted. A miscarriage of justice is corrected. So I know that she defended him and said This was the system after a powerful black man I'm paraphrasing, but that was her messaging from a few years ago when he was on trial. Does she feel like all those 60 women are liars? I'm sure personally, she does not. But she has to go 100% in for her client. No, that's her Her cast, mate. She's not her lawyer. Oh, I thought you said it was the lawyer. No history at all. The horrible your wife? Yeah. Oh, my God. Okay. No apps. No. I don't understand why she must believe Bill because she worked with him for so long. She probably knows him as another guy. She worked with him every day. Couldn't imagine That stuff was happening during off days or off time whenever you're not on the set. So in her heart of hearts, you think that she thinks all those women are liars? That's just interesting to me, right? And I mean, it's the same, uh, Ted Bundy. Logic of you know, he worked at a suicide hotline and he'd walk his female coworkers out to their car because he was such a nice guy..

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