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Hands stay safe. Beheld we just did good for yourself right now because of the year twenty twenty things are very complicated. It's a coming of this Saturday is so strange though there was a period in time where there was no sports happening. Now we got hockey I just saw an empty hockey game for the first time is ridiculous I on TV like it's. It's a strange sight to see. Even I should be used instead of the fact that I've been watching the AFC, a lot. It's still strategy. Especially in team sports because right now right next to me and I'm currently watching the Utah Jazz Slash Memphis, quizzes game I'm trying to keep up with the seedings and what's happening in the tournament where the or the standings for the team to now in the in the bubble. And it's bizarre because they have fake audiences. For the NBA game for Games, they have no one there. They just have sound popping in and sound emulating. Fans cheering. But for the NBA they're doing like a life team, I don't know how this works. So they're showing a virtual crowd but real people it's real people. And they're doing like a zoom chats or all watching it together like these are real people reacting and interacting in real time to what's actually happened to the game. But the real people. And there's like forty of them at well over forty of them and they're being shown on a big monitor screener from left to right to the basketball players. It's very bizarre. It really is because he's a real people just is a zoom or skype chat. So that's off. A. Bottom laughter skype like logos only that or zoom logo, and you're seeing all these fans out there wearing their jerseys whenever the player with free throw their moving their arms lots. They are reacting to what they're seeing onto the court and it's very strange because some of them not even looking at the actual basketball game, other phone, entire time or the board. There tried to emulate the crowd. And it's very bizarre piped in fake noises for the crowd and I was wondering. Would it be strange if the added? Be Added Radin, noises onto AFC vans because you see three or four. The next game is right around the corner. And I'm pretty sure there's a sound sample a crowd noises they can use that they have used for the game. So why can't they emulate that and have a fake? UFC. Crowd noises come in when the fighters are going to the octagon or reacting I'm will be that difficult. Though it would be. The ended in our life in a life setting I wonder how they do that. Because the inmate games, they have monitors, they have dried monitors and they have like a fake chair and you've got people. Through, zoom as easy replicated in and Begum but it'd be really interesting to see if the NFC to replicate crowds crowds being there or replicate crowd noises to drown at all the other. People talking talking talking, you're the guy the. Other People talking in the stands like. execs, you got the commentary team the fighters up to this point can hear everything that commentator saying. They can hear it. We've. We've heard of fighters who fight and fight island or fight recently during this time of the pandemic during the bubble, they said, they can here every single thing that's happening. From the computer side like while they're fighting actually is distracting for the competition talking. So. Fake Radley's it'd be bizarre like can you imagine like because now coming up this upcoming events has Derek Lewis Against Alexa Olympic keeps Derek Lewis were to knock out Olympic and then you hear this fake allowed crowd ways being Derek Lewis. It'd be very hard. It really would tap coming up. This Saturday August eight will be UFC fight night Lewis was Olympic. Derek Lewis. Is the main event got a Mario? Amari a committee of against Chris Wideman. That's a huge question. Mark can fight for me. I. Don't get why why did we match up somebody as good as a Maria that was like I was wise. It's a bad metric for Wiedeman want he would accept that but it's a great fight for Maury. We got out market puteaux up at all stared Stewart's. Who I am really high on dared Stewart's. But then is the FDA thing had happened here? Von Behind Darts to witness fighting can't wait to see what he does. A very stringent. Here we got your Julius Starting Linko Yana Kaya. WPRO. Julius. Boy Is, the ankles I fight in the AFC exits. Find the because she came in from INVICTA and she had won the best fights of okay. Yeah. So she fought against. So sterling goes debut in the AFC as she fought against for Soza and Lisa for Soza Restoring Co has to be one of the best fights of the year. And say that the two best of the year so far my head would be. Well Zhang versus you WANNA at check and least. So against. Sterling go the little best fights of the year and so. She's making her. Yes. He debut against unit Cayenne. Let the units guy is coming back from a pregnancy? Yeah. I was gone for a while and then. Yeah this report. I'm looking right now. The, strange. So she was last time could pay a fought was against Aspen ladder. and. Then she was gone for a while. I think she was pregnant and now she's giving me funding is totally Anco Day. It's going to be fighting five hundred candidates. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, that's probably the most excited I'm watching for now I jd. Scarred face. So alliterative revert Lewis. Dick Spicer hit or miss their either exciting thing ever and was born the ever Omari made offers Chris wideman. That's fight daring. Stewart against monkey pillow I don't know much about. Potolo by Bynum a very high dared Stewart's. ANCO. This will be fun. One I don't think this however to grow. Are they going to be treated to? Standing Battle you're. Not Been Only there you should get Scott Hoffman Oh Dang. Wow, the first to fight the first to fight to this card is really good. Very exciting here. So benadryl Scott Scotsman escapers, Julia Sir, those are two fights. that. You really should excited for all of those fighters aren't popular I highly recommend you go up wash to and appealing Kevin Harlan. Wow. We Got Kevin Harlan use of Salal. Gavin Tucker. The pillar of the premiums also really impressive also. So that's a UC finance coming up August eighth at six PM at the table.

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