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Have more than just that Weber kettles. I think you put on the good point there. Dane and the access to multiple different kinds of hookers and charcoal is that you're seeing like I live in a house of four other women, and they don't have the same affinity for a charcoal. Smoked or charcoal kiss meat as much as I do, so I cooked for the majority. That's why I'll use a pellet cooker or I'll use the stick burners. I'm using today with some ribs on there right now, While we're chatting, you have an ability, too. Really accommodate the masses. And one type of cooker isn't your bag then that's fine. Also. People's thirst for knowledge on better meet building relationships with butchers and their meat purveyors. This all adds to the raising of just the general knowledge of life, fire, cooking and again in the backyard. That's really where it's expelling People. T Tomahawks on television. They see Dirac brand pork they see. These kind of chickens and, of course, the wagon prime briskets. It's all raising the level. It's not just your commodity stuff, and by the way, nothing wrong with commodity stuff, by the way, But you have options and people know there's options and they're willing to spend tonight your money. Especially now. Maybe you're not out traveling. Maybe not going on vacation. So you have Couple extra bucks, either by another cooker or really upgrade that meat. Yeah, it's changed so much as faras just the the access to information and the Internet is out there whether it allows you to get On kind of received more Greg Grampian, the barbecue central show in different ways and different kind of formats. The Internet is out there and he's helping,.

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