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This july addition we have our very own andrew klavan hey andrew we'll be taking questions for an entire hour so please remember our conversation is live for everyone to watch we like to be inclusive that way even though we are conservative and supposed to not include you guys but we do but you can only be a part of the conversation if you're a subscriber what does that mean you need to go click the lincoln video description to ask questions and signed up and be sure to tune in next month for episode with michael knowles it's going to be tuesday august twenty first at five thirty pm eastern two thirty pm specific specific pacific time and it'll be mean michael on this couch in his studio this catches kind of become a staple of the conversation don't sit this close to mike alone and comfortable i mean i've said numerous times before can we just give me some space to yourself to say the tomb repeatedly earlier he was trying on shirts and he's like what should i wear or should i wear this and i'm like yes we're all the search just covered all up i was part of the valentine's day promo don't need to relive that nightmare anyway but it's good to have you here to be your yes it has although i see from time to time wandering wandering people under what i do around here just wondering it's important job somebody's got to do your first crash rate i'm ready great this is from ben he says hi andrew in the past you've said that works of fiction like our three in legends helped bring you over to christianity can you give us some more details about that yes sure i mean i started reading the tough guy writers because i was looking for male role models and a lot of their books were based on three and legends so i turned to our three and legends and all the are three and legends are center around christian iconography the holy grail and things like that that ultimately led me to read more about christianity just because i wanted to be a writer and know more about the culture to understand the background of it yeah it seems that this was at the core of every work i saw and i just thought well i'm going to be a writer i want to know what people are writing about that's when my my father caught me reading the new testament and screamed at me for half an hour absolutely he was he was afraid i would convert salim turns out a question from steven who do you see playing you ben and michael and the authorized daily wire by out i think for me it does bruce willis definitely because he's got he's got the hairline thinking we'd have to find a young jeff goldblum for for band just gordon levitt that's excellent excellent suggestion you'd better answer than mine i will see your answer and and nause gotta be kidding still donald trump supporter scott bales donald trump no you need somebody young and vibrant like you know gosh who's that girl who played the never mind wait a minute himself to patient five something you'd probably want to be that person that plays himself the late and wonderful fred thompson played himself in in a movie that's right that's right isn't that how he got his acting start i believe the i think that's how he got his acting start we'll have to google that but if you wanna get you know experience an acting and writing like yourself should someone like me.

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