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And then kind of one of our slower. Middle of the pack classes and then then a fast class and the lower class, and we kind of do that throughout the event to kind of try to keep that fan engaged. Yeah And it it's bad to say this. But it at district, we have a class that run five, Oh five Oh over five zero three is the record in the class act the anybody's ever gone. Well, that's the slowest cars we have on A. And it like. For for a Motor Sports. Like five seconds. That's pretty fast and it runs on an eight and a half entire. It's like man that's impressive. But for a band that they are watching pro MoD radio versus the world to seventy five. Doesn't have three is the first number on the they're going to blow. Why are we watch? Yeah because I. Could like as and this is what happened with me when I when I first started at route sixty, six raceway to as fifteen. Nhra weekend was my first weekend and guess what I? Guess. Like, I showed up on Monday from my first day work. It was fraud and qualifying on that Friday. And So, and guess what I knew about Nhra I knew. I knew John Force drove a funny car. that. Was it. So, but you left you left Friday I. I got bad job of the world. You Damn right I my first. My first newt full of NITRO. Man. I will never forget it my my point is. As a fan who knew nothing about it, but it was still coming to the race to enjoy it like that's like eat if you don't know anything about it the only thing then you're coming for is that feeling of speed to. Race Fan. And I'll tell you this tyler. The first time I ever went well out of can't say that my dad used to drag race. But it was overseas. And it was always on a runway for an airplane at airport because he was in the military but the first time. I. Experienced. Nhra was VM P.. and. They asked me to come I had a live show. They asked me to come for the the the do a show on Sunday morning like. I normally did. So I did it and man I'm the drivers are awesome Iran caps and all those guys were just. Phenomenal and to be able to have John Sitting next to you. And heating care man he was like he was all four men he was dating it and then. After that was goes I went up on the roof I was had my back turned. And The funny cars were out there. And I had never experienced that before and when they left the line, it's I. I must jump ten feet in the air it. Literally I'm like Oh my God and then the guy goes you ain't seen nothing yet so. Top fuel dragsters takes me down to the tree. And stands me right there with both of the thought. Much I. thought my ribs. We're GONNA come out of my chest. That feel I mean..

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