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We are living in an Orwellian society in two thousand twenty we're seeing control Marxists anarchists in Seattle the same thing that took place in World War two you have to remember one thing that all the European countries surrendered to the **** socialists except one country that was Britain Churchill said no way the royal family wanted to make a deal with Hitler not Churchill and remember the name of the **** party through the official name is the socialist workers party although they are really Marxists whereby the workers on the means of production they believe the capitalists are only there to exploit the working class and while Hitler was initially a Marxist he changed to more of a socialist type of mentality when he realized he needed the corporations to his very wicked and goal now I will tell you that today there's an assault on speech are sold on fox sold on history and we all we already knew there's assault on pleasure let's get different examples right assault on speech we just gave an example senator Tom cotton in The New York Times he came out with an editorial that said look there may be times when it may be worth were you may have to call in the National Guard and the military if thought things get to follow police are not set up to handle what happened he was excoriated the New York times writers love to hide behind the first amendment rightfully so reduce speech in this country yet not freedom of speech for the senator and certainly not freedom of speech for the paper and he ended up getting the editor to resign now that's an assault on a person's livelihood because they disagree are we show sensitive in twenty twenty that if you disagree with someone that it instead of just saying what I disagree with you and make your case then you have to jump up and down like a three year old said demand he be fired I demand we ruled his life well it seems to me that that's exactly where we are that these are three rolls these are softies this is all the product of the millennial and Gen was the Gen Z. generation going back to just before the turn of the century before two thousand everybody's entitled everybody's a winner but you can't call out someone you can't say what you did is wrong no no no you have to just give them a time out we've created a bunch of softy pansy **** another example an assault on speech former fed chair Janet Yellen not a looker by the way but there is a professor at the university of Chicago who edits a jerk because he called the journal of political economy he supports the black lives matter movement by the way but he criticized the looting and riots in calling the D. fun the police movement ridiculous well Janet Yellen the former head of the federal reserve she said that his comments were troubling it would be appropriate for the university of Chicago that is the publisher of that magazine to remove him as editor what happened to freedom of speech because all of a sudden you have a contrary view but I find it amazing D. gone with the wind was removed from H. B. O. Max it was removed because of certain stereotypes forgetting the fact that one of the actresses won an Oscar as a an actress in the role for her performance seventy three percent of black people told love gone with the wind no that's not my favorite movie I mean it's it's certainly a very people say it's one of those popular movies ever made not my thing but all of a sudden you're going to remove it meanwhile Amazon went into one of the top selling movies people figured you know what if I can't get it speechless for coming I am going to buy it is that not absurd HBO came out and said no we're going to put it back but we're going to put up more culturally appropriate historical connotations that a little disclaimer headed do we really need that I mean H. E. R. we're seeing professors at the university level that are making comments and now students and celebrities are saying they should be fired for their opinions we're seeing now that Confederate statues need to be removed that's part of our history like it or not military bases in the south Fort Bragg Fort Hood I didn't realize they were named after Confederate generals never know I associate them more with the fact that we've sent some of our best man to World War two into Afghanistan Iraq from these bases that's what I think of those bases no now David Petraeus comes out for general David Petraeus coming out saying we should change the names that its virtues basically we have to write rename all these different basis it's unacceptable this is the same guy I remind you who let his mistress in all the secrets of the United States with a classified clearance he's lucky he didn't go to jail we were seeing just the ridiculousness people saying George Washington Thomas Jefferson statues need to come down Nancy Pelosi wants eleven Confederate statues removed from the capitol now if you disagree with black lives matter not in terms of the concept but the black lives matter movement and when I see movement I mean the organization or loose organization which does have some militaristic elements to it so you can on one hand say at what price matter but I was sort of I say all lives matter I'm a racist shop please your really insulting yourself but if you say look yeah black lives matter of course there should be an end to racism and and there should be and entice semitism and let's not forget loads of anti semitism nobody says book all of a sudden if somebody says look I believe black lives matter but the writing the looting that some people in the black lives matter doing some acceptable well now all the sudden you're called a racist country group lady antebellum changes their name to lady Hey have you ever heard of something so stupid that now all of a sudden this movement that just the name could offend people could put them in a safe space now as far as I know lady antebellum never had any racist songs are pretty popular amongst white and blacks country music's not my thing but my understanding is they're pretty popular I mean I even told them for a few of their songs the well regarded well liked so a lot of records the water play on radio stations but now they're changing their name the lady a with members saying the regretful embarrassed for not taking into consideration the words association with slavery antebellum just means before war that's what I'm developing so in this case before civil war that doesn't mean that they encouraged slavery doesn't mean his group believed in slavery but now you gotta change your name how absurd how ridiculous stupid does everybody look this craze but all of a sudden you gotta give money we're saying companies should we're gonna give money to solve the race problem here's a better idea we don't even know where this is going to go to go to al Sharpton good luck what I said on a Twitter tweet went on a tweet when Google came out and said they're going to donate thirty seven billion dollars to fight racism fine that's what I want for my reply was better than just spending the thirty seven million why don't you just take that thirty seven million and why don't you commit to opening thirty seven.

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