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Five two harbors Minnesota number four boo in Chile number three Ashbourne Virginia number to Paris France and number one Santiago Chile. That's awesome. I'm very excited that this this week. We have two cities from Chile. Were spreading in that country. Apparently contagious yes. Santiago was apparently the vector. Wow we're all experts in public. Ms and and summer has just joined us so summer. We're going to bring you on screen in just a moment. So hang on excellent perfect timing actually. So why? Don't you give us a little bit more information about summer sure? The summer is a veteran certified pediatric nurse Practitioner. In our and memorable eyelids some are trained in some of the top pediatric hospitals in the country including the children's Hospital Philadelphia. A children's of Dallas Texas Penn State Children's and Hershey Pennsylvania and most recently Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte North Carolina. She completed a lime disease. Internship with Richard Horowitz. She currently works with Kevin Bach in expert in autism and pans. Pandas and some are specializes in the treatment of autoimmune neuro inflammatory conditions lime and other tick borne illnesses and mycotoxin. Taco's or mold exposures. She works with Dr Bach as a pediatric climb specialist medical writer Slash Blogger and a consultant to other health care providers that was excellently read. Thanks we'll bring back a little bit in the meantime say goodbye and summer. Say Hello Hello. Thank you for having me. I'm so excited you're here. You really have no idea how excited I am that you're I'm excited. I can log on. Exactly what whenever whenever we cut things close. It's always a bit of a whole breath in hope things go. Let's just say hello to Cathy here. Hello Kathy Roy. Gave us your background kind of the back of the book? When you write your book that'll be on the back of your book. But what but what I want to know is why why pediatrics interesting. It's always been pediatrics. It has been An and I blame it on a rather aggressive instructor way back in the day Who I on. On the adults of one of the adult units we were Going THROUGH OUR CLINICAL BROWNS. And she kind of made me do something that you'd want to and did prepare me for it so I said No. That's it paediatrics. It is so it was where defiant move at that moment and then moving on when I did actually trained in pediatrics So I just want to know what you don't want to do as right right. And then how? And then the Segue to Dr. Balk had lyme disease. That was an interesting path And the the intro with the bio always sounds a little pompous when I hear it in current but there's a reason just to say you know I started off in a very non. Integrative non-primary world it was always very Mainstream follow protocols pediatric. Icu sick of the sickest and for a while there. I didn't know what healthy child was supposed to look like in act like An just kind of As as I evolved as we all do you start to question what you're doing why you're doing it And you know as I sort of You know some of the ongoing issues that we saw in the ICU would kind of throw things out there to say. Hey why don't we try this and it may have been something. Integrative like let's give them a probiotic. I get the stairs like had three heads you know..

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