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Dude goes hard to the rack every single time. And yes, that you talk about this guy. Ah, lot. That reminds me back in the day when some clone rolled up on jungle favorite Terrell Buckley. And asked him quote T bok Man. Why is Rome always always talking about you on his show to which to Buck famously replied, And I quote I don't know, man. He just loves me. Right, sama. Tasty fresh, No man. Like I've never spoken to the dude. I just love him. And sort of the Lakers because that woke down the hell up. They go on a run, and then they're down one going into halftime at that point, Laker fan, man. I know you're feeling pretty good. You just had to get loose. You just had to knock off a little bit of rust and adjust to the speed and the intensity of playoff ball. I mean, hell, The Blazers had already been living that life for weeks. And their defense was better in the second quarter. Thank guys started hit shots, and you Laker fans were thinking we've got this. We're good. We got this will just Nate D as this thing in the second half going there. Don't get hit come home with a pocket full of cash. You know, go in there Hitting some good bleep. Don't get hit Come home with a pocket full of cash. It's great theory. And it works, my man, Nate, but it did not work for the Lakers. That did not happen. First of all, the Lakers did not have any good bleep and they couldn't hit anything could make a damn shot. Not inside the Ark not outside the arc net him from the free throw line. In fact, it really wasn't anybody in Laker gear not named LeBron, who didn't look shaky. Especially Danny Greene, who finished four of 12 from the field and for his sake. I hope that my man did not reach for his phone after the game because social media had comments, lots and lots of comments. Including this one from Eagles wide receiver to Sean Jackson. Don't care what anybody said. Danny. Great week out there playing like above. Get him off. The team tried I don't care what anybody says. Quote you out there playing like a bum. I'm serious about Jackson. It might not be the best guy ever. However, that makes me laugh. That will always make me laugh You out there Playing like a bum will always make me laugh. More teen trash, get him off the team. And by the way, even though him saying you out there playing like a bomb makes me laugh. It is not opening the door for a particular type of smack. Not happening. Not now. Not ever, but saying that he's weak is bleep. Playing like a bum and quote, Get him off. The team is hilarious to me, and so is Jackson saying that Green is quote straight up trash, But let's be fair about this. As bad as green wass from the field. This guy was not alone. Far from it. Cal Cosma five of 14 K. C. P. O for nine. Anthony Davis, eight of 24, including all 45 from three I know we had 28. But I'm guessing if you would ask Terry Stotts before that game. He would have been pumped to know that Davis would take and miss five threes. Yeah, again, Laker fan, You can tell yourself it's only one game and that you were already expecting along Siri's, That's fine. Just don't tell me It was only one bad night shooting it because it wasn't because that's who they are. Or at least that's who they've been since arriving in the bubble, they can't shoot it. In the seeding games. The Lakers were dead, last among all teams invited to Orlando in three point shooting percentage. And then last night they go five for 32 from deep According to ESPN. That is the second lowest three point percentage by a team with atleast 33 point attempts in a playoff game in league history. And there's more. About this. They scored 93 against a team that had not held an opponent toe less than 100 since January, 7th. Look, I'm not saying that this is all reason to smash the panic button. But they better know where the hell it is. Why Well because of this, For starters, he's really starting.

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